Top Best Guitar Tuner Apps for Android – Download Here

How does it feel to listen to sounds (or even noise) from an untuned or poorly tuned guitar? Should I rather ask “how BAD does it feel?” Having the ability to tune your guitar before playing is very vital. No matter your skills, ability and dexterity in guitar-playing, a poorly-tuned guitar will embarrass you. This is why we are bring to you the guitar tuner apps you must have in your android phones.

You see, modern smartphones usually have decent microphones, and so developers have been able to use them to make guitar tuner apps. So, your android phone can be turned into a bass guitar tuner. That has made the task much better. As any stringed instrument player can tell you, it’s always good to have a tuner on you. Here are the best guitar tuner apps for Android.

Best Guitar Tuner Apps for Android

Below are some of the best apps to use in tuning your guitar.

1. Boss Tuner

BOSS Tuner is one of the more versatile guitar tuner apps. It supports the usual array of instruments, including guitar, bass, ukulele, and others. The app also works for other instruments like violin, cello, and even some brass instruments. It features a decent, simple interface, multiple tunings, and audible reference pitches. There is also news about BOSS products if you care about that stuff. The app is completely free with no in-app purchases.

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2. Guitar Tuna

Guitar Tuna is one of the most popular guitar tuner apps, and after trying it out, it’s easy to see why. The app is easy to use; just pluck a string, and it will detect the string and how much tuning it needs. Guitar Tuna also looks good, displaying the different strings, the note you’re playing, and how far off tune it is. Unfortunately, the free version is limited as far as the tunings it supports. If you only play in standard (EADGBE) tuning, Guitar Tuna is a fine choice, but you have to pay for an upgrade to do other tunings or instruments.

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3. Chromatic Guitar tuner

Chromatic Guitar tuner is considered one of the best guitar tuner app available for smart devices. The app offers tuning precision of the professional level. It even includes a digital tuning fork for those who have a set requirement of it. This app is ideal for Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Ukulele, Banjo. It works well with other musical instruments too such as Acoustic bass guitar, Electric bass guitar, Violin, Cello, Piano, and many more. It simply uses the microphone of the smart device for its functioning. One can use various modes available in the app for the tuning of the instruments such as Chromatic tuner mode, Pitchfork, Tuning presets, Automatic mode and several others. It features a good functionality and splendid interface.

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4. Fender Guitar Tuner

Fender Guitar Tuner is one of the basic guitar tuner apps. It does what it sets out to do rather well. It also supports guitar and bass. The app boasts 22 different tunings, an auto-tune mode, and separate tuners for acoustic and electric guitar. There is also a Chromatic mode for freestyle tuning if you prefer that. Otherwise, it’s just a basic app with basic tuning tools for guitar players. It’s also free with no in-app purchases or advertisements.

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5. Cifra Club Tuner

The last but not least of the best guitar tuner apps is Cifra Club Tuner. Cifra Club Tuner is completely free to download. It is compatible with the tablet as well as a smartphone. It is a good app for the beginners as on the interface it shows string by string so that one does not blow their strings. The app is not limited to just beginners, as by using the help of chromatic mode, the intermediate, as well as a professional person, can use the app. The newer version supports the android wear too, making it extremely user-friendly. It supports Guitar, bass, acoustic guitar and even cavaquinho.

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