Top Best Professional Aviation Schools In Nigeria

The aviation sector is a very important sector of every country. It enables movement into and exit out of a country. A country which aviation industry is very poor suffers in its international relations. As a result, countries of the world, including Nigeria, spend a lot to enhance the aviation industry. We are going to look at the professional aviation schools in Nigeria.

To be a pilot is very rewarding career-wise. And there are many aviation schools in Nigeria today that train individuals who have interest in pursuing a career in aviation. Certainly, you have a huge interest in aviation ad that’s why you are reading this. So, we will ensure we outline the best aviation schools in Nigeria for you below.

Top Best Professional Aviation Schools In Nigeria

1. Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS) |

DHAEWOOD AVIATION BUSINESS SCHOOL (DABS) is a private professional training institution. The major objective is the promotion of quality training in aviation/travels & tourism industry. Since the inception, DABS has achieved this laudable objective in a very large dimension. The institute also caters for the professional needs of many ambitious school leavers by providing them excellent & quality training, such that makes them easily employable in the aviation/travels & tourism industry, anywhere in the world.

2. Universal School Of Aviation (USA) |

The Universal School of Aviation is developed to meet the needs of the aviation industry by way of producing well trained staffs for both domestic and international aviation related organizations. U.S.A is approved by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) under the umbrella of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to take up training which leads to the issuance of Certificates and License.

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3. Landover Aviation Business School (LABS) |

Landover Aviation Business School (LABS) is an NCAA Approved Aviation Training Institution in Nigeria. It has been in existence since 2002. LABS exists to instill in students a higher sense of professionalism to enable them excel in their specialized area[s] of aviation practice; and also integrate Nigerian Aviation and Air Travel Professionals into the mainstream of latest technology and expertise in the highly dynamic global aviation industry by providing them both theoretical and practical training; to be facilitated by qualified and specialized resident and international instructors.

4. International Aviation College, Ilorin |

The International Aviation College, Ilorin is an aviation institution established by the Kwara State Government but planned to be jointly owned with the private sector. It is established to train different professionals for the rapidly expanding Nigerian and international aviation industry including pilots (fixed and rotary wing), cabin crew, air traffic controllers and aircraft engineers.

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5. Nigerian College Of Aviation, Zaria (NCAT) |

The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria, (formerly known as Nigerian Civil Aviation Training Center) was set up by Act. No 31 of 1964 (as amended). It conducts Civil Aviation courses for use in flight training or airport operations & management as may be prescribed from time to time, Training of approved persons in the installation, maintenance and operation, as the case may be, of technical equipment, the use of which is calculated or likely to increase the margin of operational safety of civil aircrafts as well as Training on equipments and necessary facilities for technical research or normal use.

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We have been able to outline the Top Best Professional Aviation Schools In Nigeria for you. You can visit the websites and see the courses on offer and possibly apply. Good luck!

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