Top Empowerment Programs For Youths In England

Top Empowerment Programs For Youths In England – Portal, Form and Requirements

Youths are the livewire of every society. Known for strength and creativity, they are faced with myriads of challenges that seek to stifle them.  As such, the government of various countries, as well as corporate and Non-Governmental organizations device various means to empower them towards fulfilling their purpose.  Here are the Top Empowerment Programs For Youths In England.

The English government and other organisations have some empowerment programs for the youths. We have decided to select some in this Top Empowerment Programs For Youths In England. We are certain you would find it helpful. Read on.

Top Empowerment Programs For Youths In England

The following are some of the empowerment programs for English youths.

National Youth Agency (NYA)

The National Youth Agency is focused on youths. The vision of the NYA is to unlock young people’s potential by providing high quality support and opportunities. The Skilled youth workers build relationships that support young people to explore their personal, social and educational development.

NYA works in three ways: Championing youth work in all its many forms, Professionalising youth work (training youth workers, setting occupational standards, offering accreditation for professional development and constantly researching etc), & Enabling youth work –making it happen through our networks of front line youth work providers.

The portal and form can be accessed through

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Barclays Money Skills

The Barclays Money Skills was created in 2010 and has supported more than 1.5 million young people across the UK in making better financial decisions.

Money Skills is designed to support both school children and teachers and youth workers and other practitioners working with individuals aged between 16 and 25 to develop practical money management skills.

The Barclays portal can be accessed through;

Youth Empowerment Services+ (YES+)

The Youth Empowerment Service (YES) is a community-based transition programme launched by the Methodist Study Trust (MST) in April 2014. It aims at providing comprehensive life skills training for English-speaking young adults with special needs.

The mission of YES is to provide a nurturing and stimulating learning environment within which each individual may

  1. Find the means to actively enrich and deepen their the knowledge of life
  2. Make realistic choices and decisions, in partnership with their guardians and mentors
  3. Follow their pathway to adult life and living within the community.

The portal is;

Merton Youth Justice Service (YJS)

The Merton Youth Justice Service (YJS) is a partnership of different agencies, which aims to prevent and reduce youth offending within the Borough.

The YJS also seeks to address the safeguarding / vulnerability issues of the young people (YP) with whom it works as well as their risk of harm to others.

The YJS was set up in 2000 as a result of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998, which highlighted the importance of partnership working as an effective approach to tackling youth offending.

Portal is

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