Top Facts You Never Knew About Boxing Day

Top Facts You Never Knew About Boxing Day

I will bring you the Top Facts You Never Knew About Boxing Day. But before then, let’s talk something else. Actually, when growing up, Boxing Day to me was simply a day of “Boxing” an opponent. It simply evoked the memories of watching people beat the hell out of themselves. I know many still thinks so till date. But, if you think so, you are not alone. Hehehehehehe!!!

Boxing Day, as we all know, falls on 26th December. It is a holiday celebrated in many countries of the world. It is believed that Boxing Day originated because the servants of wealthy families typically had to work on Christmas Day. However, Boxing Day is simply a day of gift exchange. These gifts are packaged in a box to the recipient. However, no one really knows why the day is called a “Boxing Day’.

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Top Facts You Never Knew About Boxing Day

There are many Top Facts You Never Knew About Boxing Day. I mean, many of them. We would give you the below right away so you can celebrate you “Boxing Day” well.

  1. Boxing Day is called Boxing Day because it was the day the family opened the box for the poor.
  2. The Christmas Box was often made of clay or wood and was where people placed gifts.
  3. During the age of exploration, a Christmas Box would be placed on a ship for good luck. A priest would often place it there, and crewmen would drop money in it to ensure a safe return. If the ship returned safely, the priest would take the box and distribute the contents to the poor.
  4. In South Africa, Boxing Day is known as ‘Day of Goodwill’.
  5. In other continental European countries, it is known as ‘Christmas II’ or ‘Second Christmas Day’.
  6. Boxing Day traditions depend on the location, however it includes shopping, giving money and gifts to the less fortunate, and a day of watching sporting events like horse racing and football.
  7. In Ireland they call Boxing Day ‘St. Stevens Day’.
  8. Every church in England had an alms box which was where folks placed money for the poor. The box was opened on Dec. 26 and the contents were distributed to the poor of the parish.
  9. The tradition still continues today. Many of us give small tokens to local workers. Kids also collect things in boxes to be given to the local poor.

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