Top Free Email Marketing and Automation Websites for Building List

Its a dream of anyone who already knows the benefits and how email marketing works. But one constraint is usually which email marketing platform to start working with for a start, knowing very well that it’s not for free, or the free accounts are limited to a period of time. Many want to start an email marketing business, but the money to start becomes the problem.

As a beginner, anyone who tells you that an Online Business is not capital intensive (or required) just want you to end up in a rabbit-hole. Knowing fully well that as a newbie you either do not have enough money to start or you have limited ideas how these systems work, but you needed a platform to help and guide you – possibly keep using as you get accustomed to it.


But we have made the work easier by researching and listing out “Top Free Email Marketing and Automation Websites for Building List” which you can start with. Well, sorry to say this:

“The Email Marketing Pros might not remember listing out those email marketing companies to you because they have higher goals to achieve, they are already use to the platforms they use, they are in one way affiliated with the big names in the current market (which you may not be able to afford) and its their personal decission and choice to use them.”

But be assured that the list Free Email Marketing and Automation Websites for building list on this page are also big companies and have millions of users currently. The only thing that may differ is; their platform, services, upgrade price and even the Free account varies.


  • No credit card required during sign up.
  • Free forever (for only the limited number of the email list to posses).
  • You can have access to your list (download, export, import, etc)
  • Can upgrade anytime. But once you exceed the email limit them you have no other option but to upgrade.
  • Upgrade plan – very cheap when compare with Aweba, GetRespond, and the rest of them.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • Use drag & drop designer to create emails that look beautiful on any device.
  • Use Pro and upgrade features, but only number of emails is limited.


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Top Free Email Marketing and Automation Websites

You can use the link below each of these Email Marketing and Automation companies listed below to access the free official registration form.

(1.) MailChimp

MailChimp page - Free Email Marketing and Automation Websites

MailChimp is hard to beat when it comes to e-commerce. You can connect it to your store, use segments to target certain subscribers, track your website to see who abandons their cart, send targeted campaigns and much more. you must keep the Mailchimp badge in the footer and get a limit of 12,000 emails/month.

Visit website here

(2.) SendInBlue

SendinBlue page - Free Email Marketing and Automation Websites

The free plan lets you send 9000 emails per month. You get good list management and automation in 6 languages.
SendInBlue offers including marketing automation, Text A&B, campaign tracking, Integration of service on other platforms (such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and more), You can also manage your contact as you wish. However, SendinBlue is now GDPR Compliant.

Visit website here


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(3.) MailerLite

MailerLite page - Free Email Marketing and Automation Websites

The special thing about MailerLite is that the free plan, which is limited to 1000 subscribers and lets you use all the pro features!, This includes every feature available on upgade planes you can as well use.  They also offer 10 languages and support in 7 of them.

Visit website here


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(4.) BenchMarkEmail

BenchMarkEmail Page - Free Email Marketing and Automation Websites

Although BechMark Email might be limiting the number of features you can access, you can still send messages to up to 2000 subscribers and up to 14,000 emails without spending a cent. They are also a much better choice for multilingual teams.

Visit website here


Start using the above-listed email marketing company and I assure that you will love it and even upgrade your account ASAP. Their upgrade plans are cheap and affordable.

In case you have Question(s) or Suggestion(s), kindly use the comment box below.

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