Top Free South African Business Directories to add your Businesses Online

As a South African business owner, getting your business on these free South African Business directories could be the next big thing to happen to your business online.

To get great company exposure and good quality backlinks to your website, you’ll need the help of free local or national business directories. They are great for helping you with SEO.

Free business directories in South Africa can get your site higher on search engines, for promotions, customer and expert reviews, and much more.

So, what are the trusted sites you can list your business on for local exposure and SEO? As in every situation, you can always get the best qualities and the inferior ones. However, we bring to you the best free South African Business directories. Make use of these or any of these sites here. It is all in your business’ interests.

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Here Are Top Free South African Business Directories

1. Ananzi

Official Website:

This site is named after a demigod of West African mythology, Ananzi. It is the first South African search engine. It currently consists of SA Site Directory and SA Web.

2. Entrepo

Official Website:

Entrepo is an online business magazine that publishes articles and reviews on all types of businesses and industries in South Africa. To add your business listing on their directory is completely free.

3. Active Web

Official Website:

ActiveWeb is a relatively new online business directory but does not compromise on functionality, generating visitors and ranking your business listing high on search engines. They offer free and premium options such as featured/highlighted listings at very low prices.

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4. Hotfrog

Official Website:

Hotfrog is an international business directory which operates in 38 countries around the globe. It receives around 1,5 million page views per month. One of the great things about Hotfrog is that they allow you to add personalized keywords for your business. They also send you a monthly report on how many views and enquiries your listing has received.

5. Brabys

Official Website:

Brabys is one of the most popular South African small business directories. They have over 1 million unique visitors each month.

6. Cyclex Business Directory

Official Website:

Business owners can take advantage of the free basic entries to promote their companies online and gain more customers through this business directory. Users can check contact details and opening hours of companies. They can also read and write reviews about the products & services of businesses.

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7. SAFindit

Official Website:

SAFindit is a local news and business website. It contains a large amount of businesses within assigned categories.

8. Findit

Official Website:

Findit is an online business directory of trade, commerce, industry and business opportunities in South Africa for free.

9. YelloSa

Official Website:

YelloSa Business Directory has over 800 000 company listings, with new company registrations and customer reviews on a regular basis. Their clean design and user-friendly interface set it apart from most online business directories.

10. Rainbow Nation

Official Website:

Rainbow Nation is an online business directory and search platform in South Africa. It has 75 000 unique monthly visitors.


Although we said these are the Top Free South African Business Directories, it should be noted that most of these sites offer but free and premium services. So, you can check them out and choose what fits your plans and goals.

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