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You landed here because you want to see the list of free web hosting sites and the exact information we have listed below. I’m talking about “Zero Cost Web Hosting Sites,” not the free days or month trials. But there are things you must know.

It’s not only getting to know these free web hosting website, but you should understand the pros and cons of making these choices.

There is nothing wrong getting started with free web hosting websites, its possible that you want to try out somethings or learn or make a short term site.

Considering Factors of Free Web Hosting Companies

There are factors which might restrain the use of free web hosting services;


Not all free web hosting websites are reliable, yes not all! On several occasions, some people using free web hosting platforms complains of the disappearance of their free hosting acct sites (files).


Uptime is the amount of time your site (business) is active and accessible. No business person enjoy losing traffic and sale. Still, when you launch or host your business (website) to an unstable uptime hosting company, then you should probably get ready to achieve nothing.


For sure, you won’t be getting an unlimited bandwidth and disk space on a free hosting plan, and this limits your business from growing bigger because there is a restriction on the amount of data transferred or upload. However, bandwidth is one of the critical factors. 

Customer Support

You shouldn’t even expect to get an email or live chat customer support to assist you in the (all but certain) whenever you encounter a problem with their service.

Although some of the listed Free Web Hosting Companies have good or manageable customer service even on a free plan.

Ads Display

Most of the free web hosting services take the wrong advantage of displaying ads without their users’ consent. Messing up users’ pages simply because they are on a free hosting plan.

We have carefully selected those companies that offer a free plan and still won’t display any ads on your website.

List of Forever Free Hosting companies

Some of these hosting companies offer free domain registration too. But the extension of the domain ends with their company name (for example,,, just like that); you don’t have the freedom to register appealing looking domain extension like .com, .net, .info, .org, .store, .tv, etc. 

But guess what? You can also get a free domain elsewhere then host it on any of these listed free site hosting companies. is one of the best places to get the best domain extension but certainly not .com, or .net or .info, etc.

The best looking domain extension you can register for free on are; 

  1. .gq, 
  2. .cf, 
  3. .ga, 
  4. .ml, and 
  5. .tk

At less, it makes your website appear a bit premium.

1. Byethost

Byethost  free web hosting banner

Byethost is probably one of the free web Hosting Companies that have been on existence. But don’t take their words for it; if you have decided with the free plan. They claim to offer unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage space, but that’s not true.

One useful attribute I won’t forget adding here is their customer support service. Don’t expect a live chat, no that’s no for you. But the email support service is even far better than some other premium mail support as they always respond to your email with 24hours.

You can log on to the main site, then sign up for the free account.

2. 000webhost

000webhost free web hosting companies banner

000webhost is the second on our listing, the free web hosting company is also another popular free hosting company. You may first be wondering why web hosting isn’t bearing a sexy name like others, well the name “000webhost” also means $0.00 Wehost.”

000webhost gives a 99% uptime guarantee for free and 99.9% for a premium package. At least to a reasonable extent, this hosting is better – 100 GB data transfer, 1.5GB disk space, the free account also gets a cPanel control panel, and more.

One disadvantage of using 000webhost is site deletion without any formal notification though it occurs when users violate their policy. They (000webhost) don’t just delete sites without any reason. But no second chance is given.

3. 1FreeHosting

1FreeHosting free web hosting banner

1FreeHosting another free web service provider all almost all services to be unlimited; unlimited web hosting, MySQL, PHP, but not unlimited bandwidth and storage disk.

1FreeHosting comes with;

  • 10GB disk space, 100GB bandwidth, 
  • option for adding unlimited add-on on domains, 
  • management of email accounts, 
  • FTP accounts management system, 
  • access to MySQL database, website builder, 
  • availability of control panel 
  • and much more.

4. Infinity Free

InfinityFree free web hosting banner

It’s also one of the best free hosting websites online. Although your freeness is altered, you have the option to make it free. I’m talking about the Ads display on your website, lacking the complete freedom to take charge. Perhaps there is an option to turn off the infinity-Free ads on your website from your free-hosting account.

You will be happy to know that Infinity Free hosting gives you almost all the features of premium hosting plan for free; unlimited bandwidth, Softaculous, POP3 email, cPanel, etc.

Still don’t take that for a true. Nothing is unlimited when in a free plan. Here is the reason; your website is limited when it eventually hits up to 50,000 requests files per day. In other words, if a page has eight images, two CSS files, and three scripts, that’s a total of 14 hits (including the page file itself).

5. Pro Free Host

ProFreeHost free web hosting banner

ProFreeHost is recognized among the free web Hosting Companies, striving to stick to their promise never to charge for any of its services. Unlike some cost-free hosting companies, ProFreeHost is indeed free; all unlimited features are authentic that way.

You’ll get an unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, MySQL database, control panel, and website builder though I do not trust the website builder to be completely free.


Going with free hosting depends on your needs at the moment. If you want to test-run something; that’s cool taking this option. But certainly not to build a long term business.

For example, blogging or setting up online shopping sites, or affiliate listing sites; you have to upload for text, images, and videos, PLUS the fact that desire of every Webmaster (site owners) is to build traffic and get their SEO right in order to rank. This free plan won’t give you such complete liberty to explore to that hight.

For the novice (newbies) this won’t favor you at all, the reason is that the support you may need to get your business running on those free hosting companies won’t be satisfying and there will be nothing you can do about it rather than upgrading to a paid plan or migrating to another paid hosting companies.

Our selection was carefully listed, so expect more…

We shall be reviewing and listing more ‘Zero cost hosting companies” on this page. So stay tuned!

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