Top Lucrative Businesses To Do in Nigeria

Top Lucrative Businesses To Do in Nigeria (African) – Trending Businesses

Top Lucrative Businesses To Do in Nigeria
Top Lucrative Businesses To Do in Nigeria – African

When you enter the market today hearing people complaining you think that is actually how the business is going. But nowadays there are top lucrative business to do in Nigeria that can fetch you steady income. You do not even need to waste your time hoping to borrow money from any back, believe me they will not give to you. Start with the little you have and take your time to grow your business to a grater level.

Good planing before entering into a new business maters, there are factors you will have to consider, this includes;

  • Fund flexibility
  • how to source for your Goods and Service when needed
  • Location
  • Targeted audience for your business in that location
  • Price circulation
  • Tax involve for the business


The best intelligent and smart graduate in Nigeria goes for a yearly apprentice career for 1 to 2 years after his/her graduation from the Institution. We are now in a generation where your certificate no longer speck for you for long (due to bad Government and its policy). Nowadays you see a barrister and medical graduates doing other jobs that illiterates does, just to survive and stay alive, waiting for that day their luck will shine.

Why are graduates struggling  to live good in Nigeria?

It will continue to be like this because “Change is Constant in Life” and our Nigeria Lecturers only read books and text-book and handout, which remains constant to they year after year. Remember that every day new things happens, new discovering, but this teacher do not know, so after all the stay in school, when you come out as a graduate you see a different thing enterly in life.  Believe me, if the teachers knows the better way 85% of them would have quite their jobs or do extra jobs to make more money.

In school they tech you how to borrow/loan money even when they full know its not possible, but just because they say so in their text-books and handouts. This is just one of the greatest challenges we are facing, but if you study  this  list of Top Lucrative Businesses To Do in Nigeria and take a step applying it – there is a sure for you to move higher in life.

Please Note: I am not against Education. In fact education is the best enlightenment a man can acquire in life. Just that nowadays wrong directions are been taken to teach and we see a different thing out there. When you see educated person who is into a business its always different than non-educated once.

Top Lucrative Businesses To Do in Nigeria

  • Internet Business

If you go abroad 75% are into internet business. So quite their jobs so that they have more time for the business. But the fun of it is that you can do other extra jobs and still do your online businesses. As of today, Most bankers, Teachers, Police Medicals, etc do not even know that Online Businesses exist and that one can make MILIION of NAIRA from it.

There are varieties of Internet Business, but I have listed top 5 internet business to do,  such as;


Web Designing

Web Hosting

Affiliate Marketing

Email Marketing

This varieties of online business requires you to have a Computer, Access to internet (modem), capital – about N50,000 – N100,000 (but blogging requires lesser). Just like every other off-line business takes time to grow, so it does here too. All needed your your Time, the Zeal and being production, and a primary knowledge about the business.

  • Selling of Tokunbo cloths and shoes

People are crying there is no money, yet they want to look good, some believes that you can only get good quality materials from “OK cloths and shoes“. Make good friends that are into the business and they will show you the way. You don’t even need to travel outside your country to start this business, Tokunbo cloths and shoes. From my research, there are different types of OK grade. But the top OK cloths and shoes grade are;

The UK grade

London grade

Chines Grade

With a minimum of N30,000 you can get your self a Full bag of either OK cloths and shoes. Selling out is faster, you do not even need any advert, once you have the good materials, best location, price cheaper they others, then you see people begging for your number number and pre-ordering too.

  • Recharge Card Printing Business

There are TWO categories in recharge card printing business which is to start as a Dealer and starting as a Sub-Dealer. Starting as a Dealer is capital intensive. So I will not go there.

To become a Sub-dealer of Recharge card printing business You need a computer, Software,  A4 printing machine and your A4 Paper. Now once you have all this, you move to get a reliable Dealer(s) who will be responsible in sending you Pins.  You do not really need to worry on this because we already have the list of dealers here and other things you need to know about the business, Click here to read more

  • Bead marking and Tailoring

You need to be a stylish person, this time you will have to enroll your self in a fashion school where they will teach you how to use the Sawing machine and make beads.  Some Fashion institution go extra mile to add cake making, cooking and many more. n Some of this institution you can enroll for 3months, 6months or 1year.  And with N50,000 you are good to go.

So far the above list of Top Lucrative Businesses To Do in Nigeria is currently  trending and requires little capital to start it.

If you have any contribution or question, then use the comment box below.


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