Mistakes Christian Singles Make In Relationship

Top Mistakes Christian Singles Make In Relationship

Christian singles are faced with myriads of challenges in relationships. In the course of being in a relationship, they are often confronted with situations that challenge their Christian faiths. If not properly guided, they make series of mistakes, sometimes, irrevocable mistakes at that. We shall attempt to consider the Top Mistakes Christian Singles Make In Relationship so as to be well equipped in overcoming them.

Top Mistakes Christian Singles Make In Relationship

Mistake 1: Failure To Discover purpose

Christian singles often rush into relationships without discovering their purpose. For some, their only life goal seems to be to have a relationship partner. They fail to recognise that a fruitful and healthy relationship is not just driven by love but by the purposes of the partners. What truly qualifies one for a relationship should be the discovery of purpose. The relationship becomes a means to achieving ones goals in life.

Mistake 2: Compromising their Faith To Win over A Partner

Christian singles are often guilty of compromising their faith to either win or keep their partners. Some ladies and gentlemen have lost their virginity not because they wanted to, but just to prove their love to their partners. Some have gone to extremes to do abortion and all manner of acts against their faith, to safeguard their relationships.

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Mistake 3: Believing Prayers Will Solve Everything

While prayer is a very important aspect of Christianity, it has often been misused by many. Many Christian singles have failed to discover purpose, plan their life and develop necessary human relations skills. They want to “pray” everything into perfection and reality. Where they are supposed to acquire skills, they are praying. They fail to realise that prayer, while being very important, does not solve everything.

Mistake 4: Being Too Picky

Christian singles are very, very picky as regards life partners. The ladies are the major culprits. They have already had an image of the perfect man they would want to marry. Most often, the description of the man/woman they wish to have is a mere mirage. As such, many will keep praying and fasting, waiting for the perfect-sent-from-heaven-life-partner. By so doing, they pass many opportunity to have a life partner.

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Mistake 5: Believing They Can Change Their Partners

Another mistake associated with some Christian singles is the mistake of believing they can change their partner. They disregard Godly advice and counsel. Ask them, they will immediately tell you “we love ourselves”. They have seen that their partner have major character flaw that could hamper the success of the relationship, yet they keep believing they can change him/her. This is the height of deception.

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Having read through this Top Mistakes Christian Singles Make In Relationship, you have to take action. You must take inventory of your relationship and discover if you fall victim of these mentioned mistakes. You could also share this article with friends and loved ones. Thank you for visiting!!!

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