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List of Top Mobile App Builder for Android, iOS, Amazon, & Microsoft App Store

Extending your business into the mobile app space is a big step to expending businesses today, knowing that virtually everyone uses smartphones to find their desires.

The mobile app is the smartest means of remaining connected to what services – the users always knew that, that is the most reason they always prefer installing a mobile app of their desires services for quicker in-touch.

Before now, you either have to be a coding guru – which eventually takes all your precious time to get it done or hire a coder for a very high price to code your mobile app project – yet, won’t end there. You have to keep hiring for maintenance purposes.

But now, there top Mobile App Builder that has taken-off the burden of coding your mobile app by yourself or hiring a coder – by providing a no-coding automated system to help you design stonish mobile app.

Now you can make apps without coding, no matter what your skill are you just can do it a click.

Even as a coder/developer, the same mobile app builder can become your tool to make mobile apps for Android, iOS, Amazon, & Microsoft to deliver to your clients. You should be enabled to make hundreds of apps in one day – still without touching any line of code. By using the listed app builders, you acquire more works from clients and earn more money for yourself.

We have listed these Mobile App Builder for Android, iOS, Amazon, & Microsoft in the following manual;

  1. Considering their Prices
  2. Compatibility with various app stores
  3. Unlimited and huge Number of downloads
  4. Monetization
  5. Easy to use Mobile App maker tools

Top Mobile App Builder Online Machines

1. AppPresser
3. Andromo
4. AppyPie
5. Androapp


AppPresser mobile app building too-image

AppPresser is the big boy among all Top Mobile App Builder listed. Is easy and straight forward to build your app with the AppPresser. It allows you to create iOS and Android mobile app that integrates with WordPress.

All Mobile apps built with the AppPresser mobile app builder allows the integration with the listed top monetization platform for mobile apps. So you could start monetizing your mobile app without wasting time.

AppPresser is listed among these mobile app builders become of its flexibility to use and the features. But Frankly speaking, AppPresser is quite expensive to use as the charges start from $79 monthly charge for building one app (that is either an iOS app or Android app).

How it Works:

First, download the AppPresser plugin by going to the Plugin area, click on “Add New” then search for “AppPresser” to install and activate it.

Then navigate to the AppPresser menu, go to settings of the plugin.

Select “Load AppPresser for admin” only for testing purposes. Because this feature automatically enables an app-look feature both on mobile and web browser – when selected. remember to uncheck it after setting is tested.

Select your desire theme to use for the app version.

Then setup your menus and other information how you desire it to be.

Don’t worry, AppPresser had already made is video guides and full post on how to set up your own app using the plugin to the point of launching it on App stores.

WPMobile app-mobile app builder

Just like AppPresser, allows you to convert your WordPress site into an app that you can upload on Google Play Store and iOS store.

The enticing thing about is the Life-time plan – meaning that you won’t have to pay for anything ever again, yet will be getting updates. No mobile app builder has done this. absolutely none.

How it Works:

Step 1: Make sure you have installed and activated the plugin in your website by simply going to your plugin area, click on the “Add New”, then type the name of the mobile app builder “” in the search and hit your enter button.
Step 2: After activating the plugin, open up the the plugin to follow the guide laid on your dashboard.

Already – has a complete guide to this till you launch your app on the supported app store.


Andromo mobile app builder too-image

Just like every other mobile app makers listed, Andromo also is a quick app development platform with NO-Coding, and no skill is required to use the Android app builder.

Andromo has organized its own to be a subscription platform of which it is better that way.

You can create many projects (apps) for yourself and clients. But what you may be considering will be storage allocated for each plan.

The least plan that starts from $10 monthly ha 2GB of storage from the ability to run up to 30 projects (apps). Also, we don’t appreciate the fact that this least plan won’t have the ability to monetize app with AdMob & Facebook Ads and why should there still be Andromo branding around it? making it should like it was a free plan.

With does restrictions Andromo is pushing subscribers to optin for other bigger plans – and avoiding the least plan called “HOBBYIST).

Also Andromo only makes apps for Android Play store.

How it Works:

Step 1: Go to your Plugin area, click “Add new”.
Step 2: Search with the name “Andromo” – you should see the plugin, then click the “Install”. Then activate after the installation is completed.
Step 3: On your Plugin Area, navigate to the “Andromo” plugin and click on the ‘Settings”

At this point, Andromo will guide you through its steps to ensure that you generate your android APK file right away and upload your app on Google Play store, and upload your app on Google AdMob for monetization.

Step4: Andromo will check if everything in your site is already and ready to kick off without anything holding it back.
Step5: Generate your android APK file with the click of a button you see below.
Step 6: A view of your website displays, now is time to make changes on how you want your app to look – if you don’t like the default look.
Step 7: Now you will be guided to create your Google Messaging and Google AdMob – that is if you don’t have such account before or maybe you want to open a fresh account. If not, you can log in to your existing accounts.
Step 8: Then pushing your app on Google Play Store.


In as much as your app remains relevant and providing information people are searching for, once they start downloading your app – you monetization begins and you start earning.


AppyPie mobile app building tool-image

AppyPie is another app maker that seems popular on the web. According to the reviews by other users, the AppyPie also comes with basic features such as push notification, allowing users to monetize their app and more.

Apart from building a mobile app, it also provided a wide range of services like building Website, Task Automation, setting up Chatbot, and Graphics service.

How it Works:

Logo on to the main website,

select what service you want to use. In this case you select “Mobile Application”.

You will be required to enter your business name. Then tap the next button.

Then select what category your mobile app is about.

Select the colour of your mobile application scheme that you like.

Then Select which device to test your app on.

Now, to test your app on your Android device, you must create an account first. So you have to “save and continue” your mobile app building project.

Follow the steps and guide laid to complete the process till you text and launch your app on iOS store and Android store.


Androapp mobile app makers-image

Androapp is also another great platform to make a native Android mobile app for WordPress site. It is the second platform we have seen that offers a free 30days trial, then to start paying $66/year after you have exhausted the first-month free trial. But when you fail to renew, your app will still be up and running In case of non-payment, your app will continue to work, however, we will display our ads instead.

You can monetize your mobile app, allows you to create an infinite Scroll, Push notification, social share buttons to enable audience share and like your app contents and more. It works with almost all the plugins without any kind of issue.

How it Works:

It is also for WordPress websites all you need is to install the plugin first By installing their plugin, without any Programming Knowledge. simply open the plugin (from the plugin menu) and start building following the lead laid already to guide you through.


If you’re are running a WordPress CMS and you have the cash then go for AppPresser – it has all the features and tools that some of those don’t have. Your app is updated instantly as you publish or make any update on your website.

But Andromo will be a better choice for a non-WordPress and WordPress websites and if you are building mobile apps for clients or that you have lots of websites to build an app for. The only limitation is the storage, and most importantly; your apps are limited only for Android play store.

The rest of the mobile app builder listed are good too, but Andromo and AppPresser have more enticing attention – in such that; if not the features then consider the price.

If you want to have the feeling of how to build an app and see it uploaded on app store then go for Androapp and because they give free trials to use their services and see how it works. Of course, if you use them and it gives you all you need, there won’t be any point changing, because they are cheaper. As a matter of fact, has a One-Time (LIfttime) plan which makes it even more wonderful to use.

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