Top Nigeria Musicians From Ebonyi State

Ebonyi State is one a new state  created in 1996 in Nigeria, located in the south of the Eastern region, that is also topping in Nigeria Music industry. Must of them do not actually base in Ebonyi State, but are well known “CELEBRITIES” from one of the small state in Nigeria (Ebonyi State).

Now in Music industry, Ebonyi State is now topping in popular musician list. This means that majority of the music we enjoy are produced, organized and composed by Ebonyians.

Pictures of Top Nigeria Musicias From Ebonyi State

This Top Nigeria Musicians From Ebonyi State are NO strangers to you, they are people you know, artist that you listen & dance to their hit-song every day. See below as I present to you “Top Ebonyi State Celebrities” ;

Splash (Genevieve Ogbuewu) rapper
Sinach (Osinachi Kalu ) Gospel singer, songwriter















Patoranking (Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie). Click here to know more about his “BIOGRAPHY
Tekno (Augustine Miles Kelechi)















Garnish (Garnish Lichiano)


Here are list of Top Nigeria Musicians From Ebonyi State

State Name        Real Name                         Song Type

  1. Patoranking                Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie        reggae-dancehall singer and songwriter
  2. Tekno                        Augustine Miles Kelechi            Hip-Hop, R&B
  3. Splash                         Genevieve Ogbuewu                   rapper
  4. Sinach                       Osinachi Kalu                              Gospel singer, songwriter
  5. Garnish                     Garnish Lichiano                        Igbo-rapper


More are still coming up and will be announce (Online) very soon…

Tell me, do you know before now that the listed Top Nigeria Musicians From Ebonyi State??? Do you wish to hear their latest music??

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  1. Always wish to have someone like sinach as a mentor but it’s not working out please i need one right here in Ebonyi state so can anyone help thanks

  2. Good ones it’s amazing more inspiration to you all, and please you guys should not forget to empowers the upcoming musician’s thanks

  3. the best thing is not hiding were you come from, but doing what will lift you and ur place of birth up and as well make u a proud Nigerian

  4. before, I was ashamed of my state after the creation, I later realize no going back, I wondered where else will I go if not this particular state am rejecting, right now, I can’t just say am from Ebonyi, but am very grateful, my name Now is happiness

    • Its nice hearing that. One should not be ashamed of his or her state cos is God that created and located individual into them. Just make sure to find an opportunity to do something good for your self and ur state will be proud of you.

  5. it honoure for us ebonyians to have top musicians in nigeria , pls keep updating.

  6. sinach, osinachi kalu gospel musician from Abia is good and is the best gospel singer

    • NO, She is not any more from Abia state since the creation of Ebonyi state, because that part is now part of Ebonyi State. When she did her traditional marriage it hold at Ebonyi State. You can also confirm that yourself.

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