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Top Nigeria’s Freelance Sites & Marketplace to Hire and be Hired Fast

Freelance Sites & Marketplace are online platforms where both small and big companies, groups, organizations and individuals register for recognition and possible advertisement of services they offer. On the other hand, it is a platform where organizations and individuals go in to hire people for their projects.

Nigeria is among the best countries to get the best software developers, website building, and numerous digital services – those foreign gurus offer.

Thus, most of these Freelance Sites & Marketplace like Fiverr and Upwork are populated by Nigerians but with a fake account just to be accepted for regular and consistent job/hiring.

Nigeria’s Freelance Sites & Marketplace is a digital platform where YOU CAN HIRE and BE HIRED – to GET PAID.

Nigeria's Freelance Sites and Marketplace to hire and be hired-image

The Stigmers of Being a Nigeria (Africa) Digital Marketers

Trust: Some part of the world already believes that Nigerians (with some African countries inclusive) are fraudulent in delivery and providing products and services online.

Lack of Skills: The same they believe that Nigerians aren’t well exposed and equipped to provide diligent services. This is why both the foreign and close-by countries won’t give any Nigeria or African any digital job to carry out. Even companies in Nigeria prefer hiring foreigner for their jobs.

Lack of Payment Methods to bridge the gap: Due to trust and blacklisting of Nigerians and some African countries, Online Payment companies like PayPal had to restrict Nigerians (with some African countries) from using their services to the fullest.

Lack of Job: Who you don’t trust you don’t give a job, of course. That is the most reasons Africans especially Nigeria go to other Freelance Sites & Marketplace to create an account. Also, devising the means of creating fake Paypal accounts to get their fund released from PayPal to their local Bank accounts.

But the GAME has CHARGED! And still CHANGING for GOOD!!

In a few years to come, Africans will be proud to let the world know that they are behind most great digital jobs.

But the Bitter-Truth of Nigeria Digital Marketers of this Era

Nigeria is the target: In this era, there are no digital production concepts that you won’t get reasonable numbers of Nigerians PLUS other African countries. They are fast in job delivery. Due to bad government policies to witch-hunt their citizens, digital jobs and careers has become the only friendly and paying alternative source of income for them.

Thus, they now hustle legitimately hard to earn online through the platforms that accept their personalities and regions – for example, Google Adsense, AdMob, Blogging, eCommerce, Amazon affiliate, etc. It becomes senseless to create fake accounts on those platforms.

Nigerians are Cheap to Hire: Learning and upgrading their skills has become the order of the day, enabling them to top-up their performance in the leader-board of Freelance and other online sources of making money online.

Quick Delivery of Task/Jobs: They know that their reputation is at a stick and still at the vedge of regaining it. Nigerians work extremely hard to get work done faster than you could imagine. On other Freelance Sites & Marketplace where they (Nigerians) create fake accounts, most of them even had to create multiple accounts to get more jobs which they still deliver and impress their employers.

Willingness and Enthusiasm for the Job: Digital marketing has become a source of livelihood, therefore, loving the nature of the job is the only and best option – especially, loving the fact that it is an online business with ease.

If you are real and can offer what you claimed, but no platform accepts you because you are a Nigeria or black, what should be the next alternative?

It is either creating a fake account on those popular freelance website like Fiverr and Upwork and still gets works done and get paid handsomely.


Look for the best Nigeria’s Freelance Sites & Marketplace and register for a job to come for you.

But there will be a different experience, frankly speaking; that brings us to differentiating between Nigeria’s Freelance Sites & Marketplace and other freelance sites use by Nigeria’s

Difference Between Nigeria’s Freelance Sites & Marketplace and other freelance sites use by Nigeria’s

Nigeria’s Freelance Sites & Marketplace

1. It helps in bringing out the originality of the Africans involve in the freelance business.

2. No payment denier; the freelance platform already knows the better and the profitable means of a financial transaction to benefit both parties.

3. No or low risk of being ban. In as much as the employers (job owners) and the hired-person or organization abide by the rules and regulation, there won’t be any kind of loss of account.

Giving both parties the opportunity or building remarkable and recognizable brands under their real identity.

From this platform, the the foreign employers can specifically come searching for Nigerians and other Africans to hire.

Other freelance sites use by Nigeria’s

They still have to keep hiding under the shells of fake identities to survive.

Creating fake bank and online payment account continues as it’s the only way to get their money reach to them.

Losing account is inevitable because a time comes for account verification, or ban for being reports.

Importance of Nigeria’s Freelance Sites & Marketplace to Nigerians and Africans

Building Trust: The platform helps both the hired and the employer to gain trust by providing effective channels of communication and payment flow via the platform. This means that the hired and higher has to be in agreement that work is done before payments are dashed out just as the employers agrees.

Just like the non-indigenous freelance platforms like UpWork,, Fiverr, etc – see the complete list of freelance websites here, Payments methods, mode of communication, performance rating, and more are also primarily available features on Nigeria’s Freelance Sites & Marketplace.

List of Top and Most Reliable Nigeria’s Freelance Sites & Marketplace


gowork ng freelance site and marketplace-image is the #1 brave Nigeria’s Freelance Sites & Marketplace showing opportunity for employers and employees. The platform has numerous services to get any companies demands accomplished.

Talented, skilful and ever-ready Nigerians and other African citizens are stand-by wait for jobs to be assigned.

Likewise, companies and a group of people are happily releasing projects with a mode of satisfaction at the end of the project.

What we don’t like about

What should GOWork have to do with PayPal?

because it is the same PayPal that is frustrating Nigeria, by not allowing them to have full access to their money sent/received to their local account when clients make payment. And now, we see a collaboration between both companies.

Their collaboration can only be justified if they have a special agreement that clients under the GOWork platform can withdraw. because that is the major issue. No man works hard and what to spend his/her money lavishly just in the name of shopping.

There are other reliable companies like Payoneer, Paystack, etc; that can be of a good replacement, that is if Paypal is added as an option of receiving payments on

Check out for a full GOWork freelance review on this page.

2. More to come later…

We re still finding more list of Nigeria’s Freelance Sites & Marketplace to showcase here to enable you have enough reliable choices to work with.

However, this page will always be edited for more recent updates.

W=Have you tried using or are there other Nigeria or African basis Freelance Sites & Marketplace that both parties (employers and the employees) accommodate any form of sentiment?

Use the comment box below, lets discus this for the benefit of all.

Also ensure to share this page with friends that may be looking for where to hire of get be hired.

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