Top PC Browsers that Download Online Videos and Audios without plugins or Add-ons

With 100% free access you can at any time use your PC to download any kind of movies and Audios on any video/audio websites using our recommended PC Browsers that Download Online Videos and Audios without plugins or Add-ons. Those under listed browsers will help to actualize your free download on internet for free.

The Good part about using those browser is that they do not require any special setup or plugins or Add-ons. And again they have the ability to converting videos into an audio sound. So far we have listed 2 best browsers for this task, and this browsers have been rated as best and popular web surfing browsers for Desktops and Laptops (PC) – check list here. check it out

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Here are List of PC Browsers that Download Online Videos and Audios for Free!

Among all the browsers we have searched for online we only found out top 2 browsers that allows users download media freely and do other stuffs which other PC browsers can’t do. Using them unlimitedly without having to pay any dim for the packages or services.

  • Torch Browser for Desktop

Logo: Torch Browser for desktop

Touch browser has TWO great features related with downloads. The first is “Torrent Streaming” features: This allows you to watch videos while downloading them, and the download will still remain fast as its suppose to be. While the other id the main feature (reason for this article) The ability to download videos and audios online for free.

How to use Touch browser download for free:

⇒Download the latest version Touch browser for PC – click here.

⇒ Then Lunch your browser after you have successfully downloaded and installed it.

⇒ Use the Url/search bar at the top of the browser and type in the site or website address where the videos or audio is available.

⇒ Then you will see a notification asking you that there is an available “Media to download”. You will notice also when the Download Media icon begins to pop-up at the top-bar of the page. You can click on it to start downloading at once. See image below:

Media to download

⇒ Now something happens when the download starts, and that is, Touch browser will start your download automatically and other thing is that if its a “Video” for instance then it will download both a video and audio version of that same video. This means that it converts a copy of video to audio also.Very Amazing feature!


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  • UC Browser for PC

Image: PC Browsers that Download Online Videos

Over the years UC browser has now become most favorite for may people all over the world – this is because of its simplicity and features to make life easy while surfing. Likewise myself if am to choose I will go for UC browser (but they both serve the same propose of this article witch is Download Online Videos and Audios without plugins or Add-ons).

UC browser has 3 nice download feature when talking about media download.

1. Video download

2. Audio download and

3. screenshot

UC drowser video downloaded image

While surfing the net and you entered a page/site that has a video for instance – the UC browser has the capability to let you covert that “VIDEO” into an Audio sound. At this point you will have to select what you want. If in a case whereby you want both the video and audio that select/click it one after the other.

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How to use UC browser download for free:

Its very easy to use. Now this is how it works:

⇒ Download the latest UC browser version. click here to download now

⇒ Enter  the page or website that contains the video or audio that you want to download from

⇒ Move your mouse at the top of the video or around the video/audio then you will see the above download signs, now you will have to select which one you want by clicking on it.

⇒ A box will open for you to point a location where you want the download to be, for instance if you want the download to be under your download file or document, etc… I believe you know all that !!

⇒ then click the “Download” or “Local Download” to start downloading. Now after the download is completed you can enjoy yourself.


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