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Top Scholarship Opportunities For Nigerian Undergraduates


There are diverse challenges confronting undergraduates in Nigeria. But of these challenges, none is so biting as that of finance. That is why we bring you these scholarship opportunities. Finance (or you can say, lack of it) has frustrated many undergraduates such that they had to pull out of school entirely or had to withdraw for one or two academic sessions.

For you to be reading this is an indication is that you are in dire need of financial support. Don’t despair already. Don’t throw in the towel. There is a solution. Scholarship opportunities as the ones below have been of great help to many Nigerian students of which you will be counted among if only you diligently read through this and apply for them.

If you need this solution, read on. Even if you don’t need it, your neighbour needs it. So you still have to read on…

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List of Top Scholarship Opportunities for Nigerian Undergraduates

1.) The British American Tobacco Nigeria

This scholarship was started as part of British American Tobacco Nigeria’s social responsibility to Nigeria. It is open to a wide range of Nigerian students who are from 18years and above. It is specifically for undergraduates studying agriculture or other related courses in the tertiary institution. This is specially meant for you. To apply Visit: www.batnigeria.com

2.)NNPC/Shell Scholarship

NNPC and Shell Nigeria Exploration Company offer a scholarship opening to Nigerian undergraduates as a way of encouraging scholarship and promotion of academic growth.

For eligibility, you must be a current 200 level student of any Nigerian university.

To apply visit: http://www.shell.com.ng

3.)MTN Foundation Scholarship

Cry no more oh ye Nigerian Undergraduates as MTN Foundation provides you with a #200,000 (two hundred thousand Naira) scholarship. Eligibility? Once you are currently in 200 level in any Nigerian university, apply. This is not to be missed!!!

To apply visit:

4.)Federal Government Bilateral Education Agreement Scholarship

This scholarship is for undergraduates and postgraduates of Nigerian universities. The winners of the scholarship get to study in Russia, Morocco, Algeria, Serbia, Cuba, Romania, Ukraine, Japan, Macedonia, Hungary, Egypt and Turkey.

This is an opportunity to not only get financial support but to also travel overseas as you’ve always dreamt of. visit: www.fsb.gov.ng

 5.) Jim Ovia Scholarships

This scholarship is open to Nigerian students and the scholarship would go to about 100 persons. You should be among them. Why not? The aim is to raise leaders in various capacities who would contribute their quota to advancing the nation.

With this scholarship, you are on your way to making the impact you dreamt of. To apply visit: https://www.jimoviafoundation.org

Goodluck as you apply to the one most suitable to you.

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