Top Security Tips For Your Personal Computer (PC)

There are several Top Security Tips For Your Personal Computer (PC) you need to be conversant with. These tips must be handy to protect yourself and your PC from being scammed and hacked respectively. The increase of scammers and hackers has made this a necessity for every PC user. Consider yourself lucky to possess the knowledge we are going to share with you here.

PC security is very important. That is why knowing the Top Security Tips For Your Personal Computer (PC) is an issue of high importance. You do not have to fall a victim before you secure yourself. Moreover, it is said that prevention is better than cure. I bet you’d agree with that. Okay. Let us look at the Top Security Tips For Your Personal Computer (PC).

Top Security Tips For Your Personal Computer (PC)

  • Switch On Your Windows Firewall

Windows firewall prevents hackers and malicious software from gaining access to your PC through the internet or a network. It once activated, it runs on the background 24/7 ensuring an all round protection of your PC. To switch on your firewall, go to your control panel and search for the firewall. Then switch it on when located.

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  • Put Your Windows On Automatic Update

Make sure Windows updates itself automatically. In Windows 7 or 8, search for and launch Windows Update. Click Change settings in the left pane. If Install updates automatically (recommended) isn’t selected, select it. This will make sure the system performs optimally.

  • Back Up your Files

Backing up your file protects you in the event of a computer crash or electrical outage or surge, like a lightning storm might produce. You can do your back-up manually by transferring important documents to an external hard drive, or online. Whatever suits your convenience, do it and back up your files.

  • Avoid Accessing Unknown Mails

You are not obliged to open all mails in your mailbox. There is a reason you have a spam box. Be very careful of email messages in your spam folder. That is not to say they are all deadly. The best recommendation would be to never open any email you didn’t subscribe for. They could be risky.

  • Do Not Divulge Personal Information

Whenever you are online, be reluctant to divulge very sensitive and personal details. You should take this very serious especially when you are browsing on unsecured websites. You can read more about secured websites here. Protect yourself and be security conscious.

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  • Download an Antivirus

An antivirus is important not just for protecting you against viruses, but also against all manner of malwares. Do not run the risk of leaving your system without an active virus. It is very risk. Unless you are willing to accept a virus attacks. Are you?

Without doubt, it could be expensive and time-consuming to protect yourself and your PC. But, the gain outweighs the cost of leaving your PC unprotected. There are other advanced security tips, but these ones above are general is very strong at the least. All the best as you secure and enjoy your PC.

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