Top Social Media Marketing Tools and their Uses

One thing almost everyone struggles with is time management. When you use social media, there are lots of things to do but with limited time. There are also things to do that requires some tools to enhance and speed up the process. If you are into social media marketing, then, we have brought the best social media marketing tools you can use to advance your social media efforts.

If you want to save time, create wonderful graphics, manage different social media accounts, then you need these social media marketing tools for 2019.

Are Social Media Tools for Everyone?

If you are someone who is concerned about growing further from where you stand now, I’d say it’s a must. As a digital marketer or even an entrepreneur managing your own social handles, using social media marketing tools is not an end, but a means to an end.

If there are resources available that help you save your time, and focus your efforts towards something more result-driven, why should you not?

Best Social Media Marketing Tools 2019

Here are some of the best tools that have proven immensely helpful to online marketers.

1. Sendible

Social Media Marketing Tools

Sendible is a comprehensive social media suite meant for all kinds of users. It supports all major social platforms, blogging platforms and also has a lot of useful integrations such as Canva, Analytics, Dropbox, Slack to mention a few.

As for its capabilities, it has an inbuilt mechanism to perform all tasks that are integral to creating and executing a powerful social media strategy. It comes with a very powerful dashboard that helps to seamlessly manage social media activities – publishing, measurement, reporting and listening.

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2. Agora Pulse

Social Media Marketing Tools

Agora Pulse is a very popular social media management tool relevant to all kinds of users and their requirements. It supports seamless collaboration between different team members and simplifies the multilayered aspects of the workflow, right from publishing to engaging to social listening and reporting on the 5 most common social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

In the class of similar tools, it is one of the most well-priced ones for the features it offers, and that is one of the key reasons behind its greater popularity.

3. Sprout Social

Social Media Marketing Tools

Sprout Social has a very scientific and well-rounded approach to social media management. The tool is designed to empower social media marketers to form real connections with audiences who love their brand and is suitable for individuals and companies of different sizes.

Sprout Social basically covers the 5 most popular platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. It allows a collaborative approach towards content curation, planning and publishing.

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4. Post Planner

Top Social Media Marketing Tools and their Uses 1

If Facebook and Twitter are the social media channels where you spend most of your time and money, Post Planner is one of the tools that you can consider to simplify your workflow.

It is quite a user friendly and is specifically designed for smart social media management. It is known for its ability to help its users earn more engagement, clicks and sales.

5. Buzzsumo

Top Social Media Marketing Tools and their Uses 2

Buzzsumo is an excellent tool if you’re looking at a data-driven approach to competitor analysis and wish to dominate social media with the best performing content.

Even though it makes sense for all to use it, investment in it is ideal for professionals and organizations that are investing heavily in content creation and are looking for an actionable roadmap to content curation and creation.

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6. Adobe Spark

Top Social Media Marketing Tools and their Uses 3

In terms of catering to the visual aspect of social media marketing, Adobe Spark is another tool that is a complete must-have in your arsenal. It comes with three options – Graphics, Web Pages and Videos and all are suitable to be used by those without any prior design expertise or knowledge.

The Spark Post and Spark Video functionalities are particularly great for social media to effortlessly design stunning creative elements and earn lots of engagements. Inbuilt features of the tool include beautiful typography, iconic imagery, and professional themes to choose from.

7. Hootsuite

Top Social Media Marketing Tools and their Uses 4

Hootsuite is one of the most widely used social media tools worldwide and it has earned the trust of the biggest companies. It helps to plugn in tremendous efficiency into the workflow of a social media manager by helping to manage multiple social media networks, connect with customers and focus on brand building all from a single interface.

While it is bundled with the standard features of scheduling, monitoring analytics and collaborating with teams, it also has some additional features. For instance, it can help you connect with over 35 social networks from its platform.

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8. Canva

Social Media Marketing Tools

The importance of creating good visuals in social media marketing needs absolutely no introduction. Canva is a wonderful tool that makes the integration of design in social media strategy almost effortless for someone who’s not even remotely knowledgeable in design software like Photoshop, Illustrator etc. It’s the perfect fix for those marketers who are on a lean budget or have a smaller team size to execute.

In a matter of minutes, Canva can help to create professional-looking creatives for blogs, social media, email templates, presentations or just about anything.


Their lots of other Social Media Marketing Tools you can use. But base on the values these ones listed on this page are the best of the rest. All you need to do is to start maximizing them accordingly.

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