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Top Ten Celebs With Highest Instagram Followers 2018

For most people, Instagram is like the celebrities social media. Instagram is one of the best social media in the world today. In Instagram, you don’t “LIKE” or become “FRIENDS” like you do on Facebook. Rather, you follow each other. A lot of celebrities are followed on Instagram. But, who are the top ten celebs with highest Instagram followers 2018? Who features?

The list of celebrities with largest instagram following cuts across different sectors of entertainment. They could come from the movies world, the music world, the sports world etc. We will be listing them from the 10th person down to the number one highest followed celeb on instagram.

Top Ten Celebs With Highest Instagram Followers 2018

10. Neymar (102.4 Million Followers)

PSG’s poster boy, Neymar Jr. is the 10th most followed celeb on Instagram. The Brazilian forward isn’t only impressive on the field of play, he commands a huge amount of followers on the social media as well. Brazilian footballer Neymar’s feed is a mix of pics from his Paris Saint-Germain games, endorsement deals, and girlfriend actress Bruna Marquezine.

9. Justin Bieber (102.6 Million Followers)

another of the Highest followed celebrity on instagram is Justin Bieber. Beliebers have always been a big and crazy fanbase, so it’s not surprising to see Justin on this list. While he hardly posts on his Instagram, the few photos that he has shared recently revolve around his family and closest friends, giving his fans a small look into his otherwise very private world.

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8. Taylor Swift (111m Followers)

While Taylor is pretty private when it comes to sharing stuff on her profile, she is not afraid to show off her incredible dance skills and cats on her Instagram. Lately, Taylor has been sharing photos from her Reputation tour, including videos of all her special guests who have been joining her along the way. She’s clearly having the time of her life and so are we.

7. Kylie Jenner (115m.2 Followers)

What would an Instagram list be without social media queen Kylie Jenner. She’s a make-up artist. Her makeup brand has an estinated 17m followers. Now, that’s impressive.

6. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) (115.8m Followers)

Whether he’s showing off his epic workouts or cracking dad jokes, The Rock keeps his fans happy with his steady stream of fun, personal content. He’s also known his motivational captions, which give his followers some needed positivity every day.

5. Kim Kardashain (117.7m Followers)

Kim is notable for posting virtually everything about her. Whether it’s her current outfit that day, a new photo with her sisters, or showing of her latest makeup collection, Kim is known for having a feed that’s always on fire.

4. Beyonce (117.8)

Beyonce is the 4th person on the Top Ten Celebs With Highest Instagram Followers 2018. Beyoncé is the proud owner of the most liked Instagram photo of 2017. While she doesn’t post as often as many others, Beyoncé mostly shares pictures of her performances and latest photoshoots with her fans who are always hungry for more.

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3. Ariana Grande (129.3m Followers.

The celebrities with highest Instagram followers 2018 can’t be complete with Ariana Grande. The pop hitmaker has been making headlines after her engagement and latest album, Sweetener. When she’s not sharing behind-the-scenes pictures of her latest video, she posts pics of her goofing off with her friends.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (141.7m Followers)

You knew it. You knew he was going to feature here and now you have it. Widely renowned as one of the best footballers in the world, Ronaldo’s feed is a mixture of brand partnerships, photos from Juventus and insights into his family life.

1. Selena Gomez (143.2m Followers)

Image result for celebrities with highest instagram followingNow the goddess of celebrities on instagram. Ladies and gentlemen, Selena Gomez!!! She is the most followed celebrity ever (right now), which might be down to her relatable and real captions. While she occasionally posts about her new projects and what she’s working on, she also posts the fun and carefree photos that’ll make you love her even more.

Cool off some steam, ladies and gents! You’ve beheld the Top Ten Celebs With Highest Instagram Followers 2018. Any surprising inclusion or omission? Let’s know. Shout us up then!


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