Top Ten Funny Faces In Nollywood, Biography and Career History

There are many funny faces in the Nigerian Nollywood. This involves funny actors and actresses that have graced the Nollywood scene. In this write up, we bring to you the Top Ten Funny Faces In Nollywood, Biography & Career History. Read and have fun.

The late Sam Loco Efe would have surely been the first name on this list. However, we decided to focus on the living actors and actresses. So, who made the cut? Which face do you consider to be among the funniest faces in the Nollywood? Here is the Top Ten Funny Faces In Nollywood, Biography & Career History. Read on.

Top Ten Funny Faces In Nollywood, Biography & Career History

This list is not arranged in any other. Please take note.

1. Nkem Owoh (Osuofia)

Nkem Owoh, (Osuofia) is a graduated of Engineering from the University of Ilorin. He was born in Enugu. He is also very popular, talented and comic. Osuofia, as he is widely known, featured for one of the most comic movie ever in Nollywood Osuofia In London. He also sang the song “I go chop your dollar’. It has since been banned by the EFCC and the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation.


2. Hafeez Oyetoro- Saka

Saka, Afeez Oyetoro, was born on August 20, 1963, in Iseyin Local Government Area of Oyo State. He is married to Olaide Oyetoro. They have two sons Abdullahi Oyetoro and Munim Oyetoro, and a daughter Rufiat Oyetoro. He is one of the funniest faces in the Nollywood with a special blend of comedy. He is currently a lecturer in the department of theatre art at Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Lagos State, Nigeria.

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3. Imeh Umoh – Okon Lagos

Okon Lagos is simply talented. The Nollywood actor from Akwa Ibom State has won over the hearts of his fans with his unique intonation and a blend of Efik accent. His body gestures are extremely terrific. He became a household name after his character in the hilarious hit movies ‘Okon Goes To Lagos’& ‘Okon Goes To School.


4. Chinwetalu Agu

Chinwetalu Agu is known for his penchant to use specific language slang, phrases or clichés in each film. Examples include (Father, ewere ego bazaar mee MMM, Umu nwanyi Ajadu, Iran & Iraq etc). He is one of the funniest and most talented Nollywood actors. Chinwetalu Agu is also a movie producer. What amazes most watchers is how he combines his well-disciplined life with the wicked or devilish roles he acts in films. Even though Agu has the versatility to play the roles of comedian, wicked or tricky person, he sometimes finds it difficult to reconcile his lifestyle with the negative roles he plays, admitting that he sometimes shed tears for his characters.

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5. Abiodun Ayoyinka -Papa Ajasco

Unfailingly, Papa Ajasco must feature in the Top Ten Funny Faces In Nollywood, Biography & Career History. Who does not know the Papa Ajasco series? It stated broadcasting in 1996, aired by Wale Adenuga Productions. The main characters in the series originally included “Papa Ajasco”, “Mama Ajasco”, “Bobo Ajasco” “Boy Alinco”, “Miss Pepeiye”, “Pa James” and “Pa Jimoh”. Abiodun Ayoyinka played the role of Papa Ajasco.


6. John Okafor – Mr Ibu

John Okafor has carved a niche for himself in the Nigerian movie industry. A talented comedian, he has continued to defy the odds and always gives his best to his audience and fans. He was born on 17 October 1961 and is married with children. He has acted in more than 70 movies including Mr.Ibu (2004), Mr.Ibu in London (2004), Police Recruit (2003), 9 Wives (2005), Ibu in Prison (2006) and Keziah (2007) etc. Mr. Ibu once said “professionally, I am an IDIOT”. Can you beat that?

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7. Chinedu Ikedieze – Aki

Who can forget the movie Aki N’Ukwa? This movie introduced Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze. He was born 12 December 1977 in Bende, Abia State, NigeriaHe married his wife in 2011 and welcomed his first child in 2017.


8. Osita Iheme – Paw-Paw

Osita Iheme is the “movie twin” of Chinedu Ikedieze. Funny, talented and short! Osita Iheme was born on February 20, 1982 in Mbaitolu, Imo State. He is the founder of Inspired Movement Africa. A movement set aside to inspire, motivate and stimulate the minds of young Nigerians and Africans. In 2011, he was honored as a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR).

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9. Babatunde Omidina- Baba Suwe

Baba Suwe began acting in 1972 but came into limelight after he featured in a movie titled, Omolasan. However, he became popular.after he featured in Iru Esin, produced by Olaiya Igwe in 1997. He features mostly in Yoruba movies.


10. Patience Ozokwor – Mama G

Patience Ozokwor was born March 25th, 1958. She is from Ngwo Enugu State. A very prominent face in the Nollywood. She is known for acting extremely wicked roles in the movies. Take note however, that does not mean her true self. She said “When I play the role of a bad woman, I see myself at that instance as a mirror through which I want society to see and appreciate the fact that it is not good to be bad. This is the reason I do it with so much passion that it becomes almost believable and by extension, I also see such roles as an opportunity to minister to lost and wicked souls that jealousy, hatred, envy and all the likes can only bring one to ruins.

Who has the funniest face? Who does not deserve to be here? Finally, who did we omit? Please let us have your comments on the Top Ten Funny Faces In Nollywood, Biography & Career History. Thank you.


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