Top WhatsApp Business Features You Must Know

Top WhatsApp Business features – You must have heard of WhatsApp business. Haven’t you? Okay, if you haven’t, let’s tell you a bit of it. Whatsapp business is a new whatsApp platform created for small business owners. It has a lot of features that are very helpful to business owners. You can read more about what a WhatsApp Business app is here. we have treated that before.

Our focus here is to look at the top whatsapp business features you will find. Are there features that could be helpful to you and other business owners? What can these features be used for and how can they be used? You will find out all about that here.

Top WhatsApp Business Features You Must Know

WhatsApp Business has a similar logo to conventional WhatsApp app, with a bold B letter replacing the phone symbol in its logo. You will see the new logo even in the notifications.


So, what are the top features you can make use of here?

1. Message Statistics

The business app allows you take the statistics of all messages sent.You can track the number of sent, delivered, read, and received messages. To access this feature,

  1. go to Business settings
  2. Then, Statistics.


2. Add Business Information

WhatsApp Business lets you create a full business profile. You can add information like a physical address that can be viewed directly on Google Maps under the business category, and you can also add your business hours. You also get the option to add an email address and two website URLs in addition. All the information will be visible to the customers when they view your business profile from their account.

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3. Greeting Message Features

The greeting message features allows you greet new or old customers. When a customer messages you for the first time or after 14 days of inactivity, you can set the app to send them a custom greeting message automatically. To set a custom greeting message,

  1. Go to WhatsApp Business app Settings
  2. Business settings
  3. Greeting message.

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4. Set Away Message

Similar to Greeting message feature, you can also set an away message on WhatsApp Business. It will automatically send the set custom message to your customers while you are away.


5. Quick Replies

if you often type a particluar message to your customers, the quick replies feature allows you create a short cut for it. For instance, if you often send messages like: We offer so-so services etc”., you can now create a shortcut for this message, thanks to Quick replies. To access a Quick reply message, enter / (slant slash)  while writing your message and all Quick replies that you have created will popup. To create Quick Replies,

  1. Go to WhatsApp Business app Settings
  2. Business settings
  3. Quick replies.

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6. Business Profile Label

Profiles created on WhatsApp Business will be registered and referred to as Business profiles and get business account label. Customers can easily check whether they are interacting with a business or an individual by viewing their profile. All business profiles have Business account label.

Now, you must have seen that these Top WhatsApp Business Features You Must Know is meant for you. Which of the features do you like most? Kindly share with us below.

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