How To Transfer Money With First Bank Mobile App

The mission this morning is to show you how easy it is to How To Transfer Money With First Bank Mobile App. We have previously written on the many things you can do with Firstbank mobile app. Today, we narrow it down to making money transfers using the mobile app. The good news is that it allows you to transfer money to Firstbank accounts and any other Nigerian account. Let us show you how.

It is essential for you to know How To Transfer Money With First Bank Mobile App. Instead of going to the banks and joining a never-ending queue just to send money, the first bank mobile app simplifies the process for you. There is therefore no need to waste time going to the bank. You can spend just 2-3 minutes and simply transfer the money to the intended recipient. It is easy and convenient.

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How To Transfer Money With First Bank Mobile App

To transfer money from your first bank mobile app is very easy and convenient. We have taken time to break down the processes for your clearer understanding and application. The processes are here below.

Transfer Money With First Bank Mobile App

  1. Open Your Mobile App
  2. Insert your mPin (5 digits number). This is your mobile pin.
  3. Click on transfers (Your account number and balance will come up)
  4. Click on the balance
  5. You have 3 other options to select from
    1. Select firstbank accounts if you are transferring to first bank
    2. Select other Banks’ account if you are transferring to other Nigerian banks.
    3. Saved Beneficiary (To send to any bank details you have already saved in the mobile app.
  1. Fill in the following information in the open page
    1. Bank (Click on it and see the list of all Nigerian banks in alphabetical order)
    2. Account (put the account number you are transferring to).
    3. Name (immediately you put the number, allow the app to check the bank database and bring up the person’s name. This is to ensure that you do not transfer to the wrong person.
    4. Amount (state the amount)
    5. Narration (reason for payment. Fill anything you want. Maybe use transfer, gift, donation etc)
  1. Click on
  2. Put in your transfer pin.
  3. Click on send.
  4. Once it is completed, it will bring up the proof of payment. That is to serve as your teller.

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Have you seen how easy it is to transfer with FirstBank mobile app? Go ahead and transfer money to your business partners, associates, family and friends. You can use the comment box to ask us questions on whatever challenge you encounter while making payments. Thank you.

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