How To Transfer/Share Data On All Networks – MTN, GLO, AIRTEL & 9mobile

If you are using MTN, Glo, 9mobile (Etisalat) and Airtel, this guide is for you. We will be guiding you on How To Transfer/Share Data On All Networks – MTN, GLO, AIRTEL & 9mobile. Previously, we have written on how you can borrow data on all networks – MTN, Glo, Airtel & 9mobile. Today’s guide will help you see how to transfer data to your loved ones.

It is important you learn How To Transfer/Share Data On All Networks – MTN, GLO, AIRTEL & 9mobile. Let’s assume you run a business that make use of data and internet services. Since all your employees will be making use of data, it is cheaper to buy in bulk and then share the data to them all. This guide, like we have said before, covers all networks. So, let’s get down to business.

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How To Transfer/Share Data On All Networks

Sharing/transferring data is not really a big deal. It’s just all about knowing what to do. And that we will show you here. We will treat each network separately to make it easier and less confusing.

MTN Data Share

Here is the guide to follow on MTN.

  • Ensure you have more than 10MB in your data balance before you attempt to share.
  • Dial *131*2# and follow instructions.
  • When asked for your PIN, use 0000 as your default PIN.
  • You can also change your PIN to a number peculiar to you to avoid others accessing your data without your consent.

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Airtel Data Share

Airtel allows you to share upto 2GB. To be able to share the data, here is your guide.
  • Dial *175*5#
  • Then select option 2(Data Me2U)
  • Type in the  number to share bundle with
  • Type in the data quantity you want to share
  • Finally click ‘send’ to complete the process.

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9mobile Data Share

The9mobile data share is quit different from other network providers. They have different plans for data sharing. But, what are friends for?

Moreblaze family plans

This plan allows you add as many numbers as you want to benefit from your data sharing. All you need to do is

  • Dial *917# or *200# to subscribe for family plan
  • Then choose option 3 for data.
  • Select option 5 to buy data bundle
  • Finally, share your data.

Data Balance Transfer

To make use of this, you need to have a minimum of 100MB in your data balance. You can send between 10MB and 50MB in each transaction up to five times a day. To transfer data

  • Dial *229*PIN*volume of MB*recipient’s number# i.e. *229*0000*40*08097656584#.

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Glo Data Transfer

Glo data share is very easy. Just,

  • Dal *127*01*(friend’s number)#
  • Or, send “Share (friend’s number)” to 127. For example, dial *127*01*08057985347# or send “Share 08057985347” to 127.

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You have seen how easy it is to Transfer/Share Data On All Networks rights? Now, let he sharing begin!

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