TransferWise New Account Registration | Get An Online Bank Account & Debit Card

There are benefits of being a citizen or living in that country that gives you the benefits of creating the country’s account without stress. But how about the service change of those local banks?

Most banks change rate is totally ridiculous and could also be frustrating as well. In most cases, they have hidden charges, yet delay the processing of funds – like transferring locally and internationally.

On the other hand, are you in a scenario where you can’t travel to those countries like USA, London, China, etc – but you need those countries bank account numbers for your online business transaction. How do you go about it, that must have been the nightmare question that seems to solutions, right?

The good news is that you can get up to 20 different countries account here and now without being a citizen or travelling to those countries. No ridiculous requirements to open the accounts either.

With TransferWIse you can transact online and offline, send and receive money, get paid by your customers – at a very lowest rate.

TransferWise doesn’t have hidden charges. You can access the TransferWIse calculator here to see what your charges are for any transaction you want.

TransferWise Review

TransferWise is a finance accounting platform that enables users to receive and transfer money to different countries.

TransferWise is one of the fastest growing online money transfer platform, based in London. They support more than 750 currency routes across the world including GBP, USD, EUR, AUD and CAD, and provides multi-currency accounts.

Once you have registered and gotten your account number, you can receive money and send money to any part of the world. This is your online account right in your figure tip.

TransferWise is more advance when compared with Payoneer. Payoneer provides you with the account numbers you need but doesn’t provide a SWIFT/BIC for those accounts. This is where TransferWIse becomes a game-changer. Also being able to own up to 20 accounts of different countries is another advantage over Payoneer. PLUS the low service charge TransferWise offers.

Although, Payoneer is more used and recognized. And supports all countries. Which TransferWise isn’t yet.

Learn How to Open A Payoneer Account and Own an Online Bank Account Immediately

How TransferWise Works

They’ve solved a major part of the challenges online marketers and businesses face on daily bases, that includes the ability to own other countries account without being a citizen of that country, to enable free and easy transaction of money online to local accounts.

For example, there are companies like Facebook Audience Network and many more companies that reject applications of becoming a member/user of their services, maybe because your country isn’t part of the location they support.


How do you get paid or transfer your money to a local or international account?

Because you’ll need IBAN, SWIFT/BIC, and/or sort code of your bank, which your local bank can provide to you, but maybe the platform doesn’t just support your country at the moment. Fortunately, you get all this after creating a TransferWise account (using the steps below).

TransferWise offers you the ability to own an account number of different countries with IBAN, SWIFT/BIC, and sort code provided. Unlike Payoneer.

With the TransferWise Online account, you are sure no financial opportunity (whether locally or globally) will ever pass you by again.

TransferWise is available for android and iOS devices for quick transacting. The beauty of the app is that it allows you to carry out all transactions that could also be done on the web.

Use the button below to download the TransferWIse mobile app.

Creating a New TransferWise Account

This step guides you from creating a new TransferWise account, getting your accounts of different currency, and applying for a debit card.

Follow the every steps shown and you get the same success.

Step 1: Visit the TransferWise main website (HERE)

Step 2: Choose how you wish to start your TransferWise new account registration.

There are TWO ways you can start your registration;
(1) using an email address: this means you need to fill the form and providing an email address to register with.
(2) using a third-party account: you can either use a Google account, Facebook account or an Apple account. This way, your TransferWise account automatically bears the same name on those third party accounts.

Filling the form gives you the opportunity of selecting between a personal account and a business account type to main with TransferWise. No much different though.

Select a personal account requires you to provide “Country of residence”, whereas, the business account requires you to provide “your business Country of registration” – that’s all!

Step 4: Fill the TransferWise registration form.

In the form, your country of origin, phone number, email address, name, etc. are needed to complete the form.

After which, login to your email (if you’ve chosen to fill the form) to verify your registration. Also, note that TransferWise will be sending you an SMS to verify your phone number too.


you have completed the TransferWise new account registration. But not over yet. the next is…

Get a TransferWise Account Number

Step 5: Login to your account then navigate to the currency you want the account

(a) Now navigate to “Balance”
(b) then click on any of the currency. You should see a notification that;

“Get bank details for 16 GBP
Before 7ou can get an IBAN, SWIFT/BIC, and Sort code, you will have to finish setting up your account.”

(c) Click on the notification to collapse and to see the complete information. Then click on the “Pay for bank details” button.
(d) Select how you would like to pay; debit or credit card. Enter your card details.
(e) Then you can also change the currency to your preferred currency that you are paying with by clicking on “Pay with a different currency”.
(f) Choose one of the options as a purpose of using the TransferWise online payment account. You should see;
– Make an inta-company transfer
– Receiving money for services/products
– Both paying suppliers and contractors, and receiving money for goods and services.
Then click on “Continue”.
(g) Select any of the “Proof of identity” you prefer to you use – from the options provided. you can either upload; National ID card, International Passport, or a Driver’s licence. Simply click on the one you want and upload the document.
(h) For business account; select whether you are the sore-owner of the business or if others own the business with you.

If you are the sore-owner, then you’ll have to click it to submit your full name, date of birth and country of origin.

And if other people own the business with you, you will also have to select the option and add up their details too.

Click the “Continue” button once you have completed this part.

Once you submit your application/settings, you should get a confirmation screen that; “You’re all done for now”.

AT this point TransferWise will be reviewing your document(s) and once you’re verified (which takes about 2days) you’ll get your online bank account details.

Always keep checking your email for their message.

Now, click on the “Got it” to go back to your TransferWise account dashboard.

After your account is verified and approved, you will see your bank accounts of the currencies TransferWise supports with the BAN, SWIFT/BIC, and Sort code attached to it.

At this point, you can comfortably start receiving money from any part of the country around the world.

Now you can say, that you’ve completed the TransferWise new account registration because you now have your account number with the BAN, SWIFT/BIC, and Sort code to enable you to start transacting with your TransferWise online account(s).

Applying for TransferWise Debit or Credit Card

The TransferWise debit Master card allows you shop on the web, withdraw your money from any ATM(s) in the world, and its auto-convert your money on the go – which allows you to spend or withdraw with the real exchange rate in more than 150 countries.

To apply for TransferWise debit Master card, simply;

  • make sure you are in your account, then navigate to “Debit card”,
  • click on the “Order your card”,
  • enter your delivery address
  • then add money to your TransferWise account,
  • then upload the required document for identity verification
  • done!

Wait for you TransferWise card to deliver to you.

More instructions on how to active your TransferWise card will be sent to you. Simply follow the guide to enable your card active for use.


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