Trust Wallet Download App & Account Setup – Best Decentralized Crypto Wallet

Trust Wallet is a decentralized mobile wallet app that allows you to send, receive, and store your cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Simply designed for easy and ease of use.

It is an open-source wallet aims to provide a platform that’s easy and straightforward to set up and use.

The Trust Wallet provides users with private keys to store on their own deceive or any safe place.

One important security feature to mention is that it includes a backup facility for simple recovery. Other features include a built-in decentralized exchange through a partnership with Kyber Network as well as a Web3 browser that allows you to interact with decentralized applications directly from the Trust Wallet app.

Trust Wallet is own by Binance Cryptocurrency market place. But understand that Binance is a centralized platform, different from the Trust Wallet.

What is the difference between Centralized and Decentralized

Centralized Crypto WalletDecentralized Crypto Wallet
A Centralized wallet is wallet where you don’t have full access over your cryptocurrencies; and no private key, but usually they offer service such as instant sell/buy coins, cryptocurrency trading, etc. (Example: Coinbase and Xapo).A Decentralized wallet is wallet where you have full access over your cryptocurrencies; you get private key, but without much service because it’s decentralized. (Example: Electrum and Mycelium)
The uses of a middle man or third party to help conduct transactions.You have the freedom to send or receive cryptocurrency with your wallet anywhere in the world.

How to Download Trust Wallet Mobile App

You can get the must recent up to date Trust Wallet all on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile phones by clicking the below.

You will be redirected to Trust Wallet App download page when you click the button below.

Now, you can either enter your phone number to receive a one-time SMS to download the app from HERE – simply enter your phone number and click on the “Send”. Then click on the link to redirect you to the app download page.

How to Sign Up On Trust Wallet App

Now that you have downloaded the Trust wallet app, the next you to start your wallet account setup.

Remember this; there are wallet “Recovery phrase” that will be issued to you during the setting-up, which you need to write down or copy those words in the right order and save them somewhere safe, no one will get it.

Now, tap/click on the app to launch or open it


Then “Check the box” to agree with the Trust Wallet terms and conditions.

Then click on “CONTINUE“.

Now you should see those recovery phrase words. Sorry this part wasn’t enabled for a screenshot, for safety reasons. But just as explained before now, that this is the time to copy these words and save somewhere.

Already Trust Wallet provided a TWO buttons to extract those words (apart from you manually writing them down); COPY and SHOW QR.

COPY: use it to copy those recovery phrase to any editor you have on your phone like Google Drive, notepad, etc. Available options on your phone pops up when you tap on the “COPY”. You may decide to save it on any/all of the options available – give it a name and save.

SHOW QR: It pops up the QR box, and you can tap on the box to copy those phrase then go to your phone device to paste the copied code, then save it wherever you want.

Please note:
These phrase are very important to your account. Remember that Trust Wallet is a decentralized wallet, whereby you and only you have the key access to your account. Meaning that Trust wallet doesn’t know about these recovery phrase and can not recover them for you when you misplace it.

Also other things you need to know includes that;

  • These recovery phrase (words) are 12 in number
  • You must save them in orderly, just exactly the way Trust Wallet displayed them to you.
  • Never share your recovery phrase with anyone, so store it securely!

Click on the “CONTINUE” button.

Now its Time to Verify your recovery phrase

The question that may probably be coming from you now is How does Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase Works?

It is simple, Now see this…

Trust Wallet will provide the same recovery phrase assigned to your account in a scatted (disorder/disarranged) format, Then you will be expected to ” Orderly tap on each of the recovery phrase (words)”.

Remember, it must be in the orderly form, just the exact way Trust Wallet presented it to you at the start.

Also there is something to understand where, you can’t go back to the previous page anymore. That is why it is very important you save those phrase (words) to get ready the Trust Wallet veryfication using recovery phrase.

Once you have entered the phrase orderly (by tapping on each) and it’s correctly inputted you will get a notification word like “Well done!” confirming that all you entered was correctly in order. Then click on the “DONE” button.

The page will load up. At this point “Creating your Trust Wallet”.

And once the creation is complete, you will see a notice box on the screen that “Your wallet was successfully created.” Now Tap the “DONE” button to exit the notification box.

Push Notification

Since it is a new account just created, a “Push notification” box will also pop up requesting you enable the feature. Simply tap on the “ENABLE” button to do so.

The Push Notification feature on Trust Wallet allows you to stay up to date. In other words, You will be receiving notifications for any incoming and outgoing transactions.

Take your local bank as an example, You get an alert when every any transaction occurs in your bank account. The same way Trust Wallet operates.

Bonus Tips

Using Trust Wallet is easy this part of the page will explain some features you can start with.

How to Access a Crypto Wallet ID

Already you know that every crypto has is ID. To access each one, once you are logged in;

  • click on the crypto,
  • you will notice that every crypto has its page. On the page, click on “Copy” which automatically copies your wallet ID for that crypto in question.

The same step applies when you want to send or receive coin.

You can also “Swap” and “Exchange” coins in your Trust Wallet.

Below your Trust Wallet is the menu bar to navigate to; Settings, exchange/swap, token page, etc.


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