UK’s Top Job Operators of Home Office Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme

Any International (foreign) citizen applying for a job to work in the UK has to go through the appointed UK’s 4 Operators of the Home Office Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme to apply. For example, in the recent advertisement for a short-term job, the United Kingdom has appointed four operatives.

These UK’s Top Job Operators take care of your enlist job opportunities within their reach and the platform for the applicant (you) to apply.

By now you should have already known that it is impossible to apply for a UK work Visa without any organization offering you a job in the UK, the same way it plays out in other developed countries. So in order to qualify for a work permit visa, a job has to have been secured for you first. And this is where those UK’s 4 Operators of the Home Office Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme come in.

This page has not only listed those operatives but also explain in detail the processes of applying for those available jobs.

About the UK’s Job OpperativUK’s Top Job Operators

This operative stands as a middle-man (agent), providing you with the job opportunities within their disposes of which you can apply. All processes are carried out online (no paper application).

They are not responsible for offering or approving jobs, that is why I said the work as a middle person – presenting your application to any organisations they believe you’ll suit-in to work.

Organizations contact them for workers, whilst you contact them for available jobs in the UK. So they are in between communication and initiating connections between parties.

As an applicant aspiring to work in the UK, you should apply for the available job listed on the operatives page. But first, you have to read every instruction to understand how the applications process goes on each of them, some might require that you create a profile account – which onto it you apply for your desired job, some other refer you send an email to them, or call or phone, or even locate their agents close to your current location – if you’re applying from outside the UK.

List of the UK’s 4 Operators of the Home Office Seasonal Worker Pilot Scheme

  • AG Recruitment
  • Concordia
  • Fruitful Jobs Ltd
  • Pro-Force

AG Recruitment

Ag Recruitment is one of the popular and most rated recruitment firms, offering recruitment solutions and helping agro-business owners to meet diverse growing challenges. They are known to prove core values on sustainable working relationships between employers and workers. And of course, the application is easy, following the steps laid below.

AG Recruitment uk job listing-page-image

Ag Recruitment application process:

AG Recruitment job application-image
  1. Go to AG Recruitment’s job application page – here
  2. Fill in your detail. Select your location on the part of selecting your location. Select the “Others” if your location is not mentioned in there.
  3. Check the box to agree with the terms,then click on “Apply Now”.

What next? I guess that should be your next question, right?

OK, Just like that agreement box you checked before submitting your application, AG Recruitment will contact you with interview and job information, and from there your application starts

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Concordia group is known to be running several projects, including organising work placements on farms from around the world – not just in the UK. One of its primary aims is to support people to develop skills and gain experiences so that they can thrive and earn a living.

Similarly to others, they supply labour, skills and resources, offering people of all ages from all over the world the opportunity to work in the UK on agricultural farms to learn skills, gain work experience and earn money.

Concordia uk job listing page-image

Concordia’s UK Job Application Process;

First and foremost, you need to understand that Concordia (just like every other organization in charge of supplying workers to industries) is not responsible for offering jobs to applicants. Their mission is to share your application details to their farm and other industries they network with – you will be contacted (by those networks) if they find you interesting, capable or suit their available vacancy.

Having said that, you can only apply for a UK job through Concordia’s agents across the work. All you need to do is locate an agent to apply under. This link leads you to the list of agents and their contacts.

Whilst, if your application is coming from the UK (that is you are already based in the UK) then you can simply make your applications there-here.

Fruitful Jobs Ltd

Fruitful Jobs Ltd operates within a number of common sectors that are seasonal requires works. These sectors are as follows;

  • Agriculture
  • Viticulture
  • Horticulture
  • Distributions
  • Poultry and Meat
  • Food Processing
Fruitful Jobs Ltd- homepage image

As an applicant applying for a foreign job from outside the UK, creating a profile account would be the first step to make if Fruitful Jobs has the category(ies) of job you’re interested in or qualify to work.

The steps below show how to create Fruitful Jobs Ltd’s account

Fruitful Jobs Ltd- job signupform-image
  1. Go to Fruitful Jobs official website, navigate to “register” under under the Job Seekers Menu. Or click here to take you dirrectly to the registration page now.
  2. Fill in the required infromation, then check the box to agree to their terms and conditions. Review your details that its correct, then click on the “Submit” button.

By submitting the form you have just applied to get in touch, now wait for them to respond on the next step for you to take. Thus, the above form is an enquiry form anyways, and you can as well choice to either call them on 01989 500 130  or send a direct email to You will be contacted on further action to follow.

Pro-Force is no different from other listed companies, it was as well-appointed as an operator of the UK’s seasonal worker pilot scheme. It is also a company enlisting available recruitment in the United Kingdom (UK), so it allows foreign labourers to apply for jobs even when they aren’t in the UK presently.

Similarly to Fruitful Jobs Ltd, Pro-Force also see vacancies in the following sectors;

  • Agriculture
  • Horticlture
  • Food Production
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Driving
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • and more
pro-force uk job listig page-image

Pro-Force has a more versatile job listing that you can apply for. The page contains every information to get you started, once you’re able to find your through. The steps below show how Pro-Force works and what to expect from them.

pro-force job listing page-image
  1. Go to Pro-Force job listing page – Here
  2. Depending on the time you want to apply for a job, sometimes, you might be referred to their Facebook handles for furthrt details (esspicially if you are applying from outside of the UK and will require a VISA).

    Aside that, on the Job Categories page are list of jobs for recriutemt – you can click on any to further see available vacancies under each job categories.

    Also, on the same page you should find the “Feature Jobs” tab and the “Recent Jobs” tab, – you can always get to see further information of any job that suits your skils to apply for.

Further steps and instructions will be communicated to you if you’re applying from outside the UK. But ensure following every step requires so that your application won’t be ignored.

Hope this page was helpful?

If you think there are other better UK’s job operatives both for a seasonal and permanent worker that we haven’t listed here, then do use the comment box below.

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