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UNN Semester Result Checker Online Portal – unnportal.unn.edu.ng

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka is one of the best universities in Nigeria. It has maintained its standard in learning and result over the years. It is a federal university that has a nationwide appeal. Students semester results are usually released offline and online. But, offline results could often be torn or damaged. Using the UNN Semester Result Checker Online Portal – unnportal.unn.edu.ng, you can check your UNN result online at any time of the day, anywhere.

To check your result, you will need to purchase the semester result checking card. You can use your card as many times as you want per semester. Meaning that you can only use one card per semester, if you buy the first semester unn result checking card, you will have to buy another one to check second semester result online.

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UNN Semester Result Checker Online Portal

Here is the guideline on how to check your UNN result online.

  1. Go to ICT ( Access Bank building) to purchase your “Semester Result checking Card”.
  2. The portal will open.
  3. Then, Type in your registration number in the username, then type in your password. Press the enter key or click on the “Login” button to see the following screen.
  4. From the menu items on the left, click on “RESULT” to see the next screen as shown below. Observe the dropdown menu under “RESULT”.
  5. Click on “View Result”, the following screen will appear as shown below.
  6. Click on “Select Session” to select the session of the result you want to check.
  7. Next, click on “Select Semester” to  select the semester of the result you want to check.
  8. Type in your scratch card pin in the “Scratch Card Pin” column.
  9. Click on “Submit” button. Your semester result will appear as shown below
  10. Print out your result.

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The above guidelines will help you check your UNN result online without any challenge. However, if you encounter any challenge, we are here to attend to your needs.



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