Unsatisfactory Nature of HTC Smartphones

HTC Smartphones is one of its kind with a fantastic designs and features. But following recent review and from my own experience I and most users have noticed Unsatisfactory Nature of HTC Smartphones  which is not good to over-look.

Am sorry for this but am not trying to condemn the HTC company. Moreover, every company has their bad side. The purpose of this article are;

  • For HTC company to look critically into the issue and work on it because people are complaining on similar issue all the time.
  • HTC should be testing this phones too before distributing to dealers.
  • Also for those who want to buy the HTC phone to know this before going for it, if they can handle the issue then fine and best know to individuals.

 See The Unsatisfactory Nature of HTC Smartphones

The HTC Android phones or smartphones has peculiar issue which up till now the HTC mobile company is yet to work on it.

  • Charging Malfunction Issue

These the major problem connected to all HTC smartphones. I will explain better how it happens. And if you concur with me just use the comment box below to also share your experience using HTC Android mobile.

How it does happens – I have noticed and also confirm from users that when using another charger to charge the phone it start malfunctioning by operating it self, dialing number, creating folders, sending messages and so many other undesirable things you wouldn’t want a phone to do by its self.

We know that chargers doesn’t last forever, so the question is; should we stop using our HTC Smartphone when the follow-come charger got spoiled or missing???

Some people say that the issue still continue happening even when the use the follow-come charger.

Other Minor Issue Affecting HTC Smartphone

This happens to some of the HTC mobile phones. It depends.


  • Battery life isn’t the best (what with so many real-time updates going on)
  • Body becomes a little hot after a few minutes use of browsing, during charging, and using the Flash-light


Use the comment box below to share your point of view.

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