Unsubscribe from Hitwe.com Account

Unsubscribe from Hitwe.com Account | Hitwe Profile Deactivation

I feel your grievance receiving messages that you never wanted and that is the reason some of you want to learn how to delete hitwe account. But come to think of it, there are still other ways to stop all that messages coming to your mail. For example; Facebook.com also does the same thing – flooding mails with details of new likes, status update, comments, etc.

Of a truth we all know that there are millions of likes and status updates going on in facebook.com every minute, so imagine that you have about 5,000 friends, so you can also imagine how many message that will be flooding your email account also.

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But the fact remains that there are ways to fix this, which I will be showing you full step-by-step to Unsubscribe from Hitwe.com Account anytime you want it so again and/or Hitwe Profile Deactivation.

But before we start I want you to understand the TWO different key word phrases here which is that; You want Unsubscribe from Hitwe.com Account and that you want to Deactivation/Delete your Hitwe Profile Account. There are great difference, which is;

To Unsubscribe from your Hitwe Account

Means you do not want to receive any kind of mail notifications including who like you, who added you, your match, hitwe promotion messages and others. To Unsubscribe do not mean deleting your account. Your account still remains, but will not get any email update from hitwe again.

Hitwe Profile Deactivation

This also means to delete your hitwe account permanently. But there are implications doing that, you will not have any notification either, and your account information on the dating site – hitwe.com will be removed permanently. yes, I was about saying the implications before now, that  when ever you delete your account – you will not be able to get back any information again. So you have to think twice before doing such.

How to Unsubscribe from Hitwe.com Account

So if you think you really have to Unsubscribe from Hitwe.com Account then use the step below to do so.

  1. Log on to www.hitwe.com
  2. Enter your account using your Hitwe login access info
  3. In order to STOP receiving notifications from the site, go to settings , untick the box next to “Notify me by e-mail”
  4. the save the changes.


How to Cancel Hitwe.com Account – Hitwe Profile Deactivation

We have released a nice and simple guide work on this before, which you can check it out here.


  • Login to your Hitwe Account
  • Click on profile drop down
  • Click “settings” option
  • Click “delete account (THIS IS PERMANENT !)




4 responses to “Unsubscribe from Hitwe.com Account | Hitwe Profile Deactivation”

  1. B

    Pls, admin, I’m seriously waiting for my account to be permenently deleted.PLEASE!!!

    1. onlinedailys

      Sorry Sir, this is beyond our reach. We do not help to create nor delete account. You can use the guide on the blog to achieve all of this. Thanks for your understanding

    2. Dave

      Please remove my Hitwe account permanent,i have now a wife;and thanks to help me find one!

      1. onlinedailys

        Sorry we can’t do that for you. But we have put in place how to delete your hitwe account permanently, so use the steps on this page.

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