US Election Update: Check 2020 US Election Results Fast

This is a brife information page to show you how you can keep track of the US election update fast in many reliable ways, which has explained below.


Tracking the US election update

One of the ways is searching from

Simply type the key keyword “us election update” or “us election results” and you will see the live-result right on the screen. Those are the fast keyword to use the search on

You can further scroll down to see more updates of all the contestants for various positions and their current votes.

Alternatively, visit the CNN US Election update here, and you will see the update at the top of the page. Or Download the CNN mobile app and navigate to US election page.

You can further click on each results to expand and get full happening details right away.

From the above steps, you can now see “Live” who is winning the election as at the time you checked and the vote count. Including other information about the elections that you might still want to read about.

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