How to Use Whatsapp Online

How to Use Whatsapp Online on Desktop PC –

Whatsapp is counted among the list of most popular social networks for mobile and PC. For those still yet to know that anyone can now use Whatsapp online on desktop PC.

But there are ways to configure it, unlike other apps whereby you install and start using immediately, which I will be explaining here.

Whatsapp for PC is another upgrade from Facebook/Whatsapp team to make chatting fast and easier to uses when you are online working or having fun online. PC WhatsApp makes you get WhatsAppcloser to your friends and families anytime and anywhere you want it.

The Whatsapp Web is common but setting it up has become a problem to some. On this page, I have covered how to create Whatsapp account, Download and Install WhatsApp APK for desktop, How to Use Whatsapp Online, and how to make you feel cool with your online chat.

How to Create WhatsApp Account

Whatsapp account registration – sign up is free and more faster than you ever think of. You do not have to visit online or WhatsApp website just to go and create an account.

You won’t see s WhatsApp sign up form on All that is required of you is:

  1. downloading Whatsapp app for mobile
  2. setup your account using your mobile number (make sure the mobile number you are using is valid and active), Username and Country place.

This process is carried out during the installation stage on mobile. Our team has released an article on this topic, so click here for more information.

Download and Install WhatsApp APK for desktop

Visit the official website will allow you download the latest version on board.

The WhatsApp APK App is available for both the 32-bit and 64-bit version. You can as well download for Mac (iOS) computers

Lunch the WhatsApp software after download

Then follow the instruction on your screen to install.

How to Use Whatsapp Online

We have tested two different methods of using WhatsApp online on pc and you can try both these methods and use the one that is most convenient for you.

The methods listed below are as follows; Using WhatsApp online via a web – and Download WhatsApp APK.


Using Whatsapp online via  WhatsApp web – (Method #1)

How to Use Whatsapp Online

This method is straight and easy all you have to do is visit the official website;

  2. See the Top bar, Click the Whatsapp Web
  3. A new page opens, this page contains whatsapp code, of which it will not just connect from themHow to scan whatsapp code
  4. This time you are expected to >>On your Phone>>On your Phone data connection >> Lunch your Mobile Whatsapp >> from the menu bar, click and also select “Whatsapp Web” >> Now this is time to scan your WhatsApp code, so incase you do not know how to do this, here are the guide; when you tab/select Whatsapp Web, you will notice that there is a scan running in your phone, so you are expected to use your phone while scanning and size up the PC WhatsApp code you see from this image. Once you are able to size the Whatsapp web code into your mobile phone Scanning box, then you will see how fast your PC WhatsApp will automatically connect and extract all your mobile phone whats app chats and history sent to your pc.
  5. Once you do it, you see your whats-app account open for you on Desktop PC

METHOD #2: Download WhatsApp APK

This method is almost the same with the 1st method, but just that the little difference is that you will have to download whatsapp APK software (just the way you download other application online) then follow the instruction to install it and then once successfully installed. use the steps below;

  1. lunch your WhatsApp app on the desktop
  2. then follow the No. 4th step above to complete the stage
  3. Once done see your PC whatsapp on for you.

But note the following:

-You MOST always leave your mobile whatsapp on

-Your mobile phone connection MOST also remain on for the PC WhatsApp to continue working.

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