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Vehicle Tracking Devices (GPS): Types of GPS Tracking Devices

Vehicle Tracking Devices (GPS also known as Global Positioning System) has become a very advanced technology. The main idea behind using this system is to find the location of the person, vehicle or an item. Most people think about vehicle tracking GPS system as something that helps find a stolen vehicle or other stolen items.

GPS Vehicle tracking devices are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, features and prices. There are two types of tracking GPS devices. First type of devices shows the data only to the driver. The data is presented in easy to understand image format. For example, the small monitor with the vehicle GPS device shows the map and the vehicle’s position on that map. Depending on the device used, a GPS tracking system can have numerous features that offer the users various options.

Types of Vehicle Tracking Devices Use

There are two major types of Car Tracking Devices and which we have mention below including how they work.

  • The Cellular tracking devices

  • The Satellite tracking devices

  1. Image of Cellular tracking devicesCellular tracking devices rely on networks of towers operated by such cellular providers as AT&T and T-Mobile. Cellular devices are frequently used for vehicles that travel within confined ranges, such as a city or small region, where cellular service is consistent.
  2. Image of Satellite tracking devicesThe Satellite tracking devices communicate directly with satellites. This option is favorable for vehicles or fleets that travel long distances and move into and out of cellular coverage. A business might also opt for this option if cellular coverage in a single area is not consistent.

How the Vehicle Tracking Devices Works

For better discussion on how the Vehicle Tracking Devices Works we need to talk about the “Passive and Real-Time Tracking“. According to Track-Your-Truck website,

  • Real-time tracking is what the name suggests, although the frequency of updates can vary by device. Real-time devices use cellular towers to communicate such information as vehicle speed, direction of travel and specific location. Updates can be very frequent – every 30 seconds, in some cases – or staggered to preserve battery life.
  • Passive devices log the same data as their real-time counterparts, storing it internally for subsequent uploading. However, recording is the primary function here, as opposed to frequent updates. In general, updates are less frequent – some just once per day, and others recording every few hours. Some passive GPS tracking devices can toggle between the two and provide real-time tracking when they are tethered to a power source. One of the benefits of passive tracking is that it requires less battery power, meaning they can last for years without being recharged or having batteries replaced.

Benefit or Importance of GPS Vehicle tracking devices

  1. The major importance of Vehicle Tracking Devices (GPS) is to find the location of the person, vehicle or an item.


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