How To Verify Your Facebook Page

How To Verify Your Facebook Page – Facebooking Tips

How To Verify Your Facebook PageHave you ever seen Facebook pages that are verified? Have you ever thought it possible to have your own page verified? Whether you ever believed it or not, you can do it and your page can be verified. In this section, we will be guiding you on how to verify your Facebook page. You are to be aware that page verification occurs in two major ways: one is by “Automatic Verification” by Facebook and the other is by applying for it yourself. We will treat the later.

Before we delve into details on how to verify your Facebook Page, here are the four categories of pages that Facebook verifies: Celebrities, Journalists, Government Officials, Popular Brand or Businesses. If you fall within these categories, then, your page can be verified through the processes below, and you will stand to gain higher reputation as well as getting more likes and comments on Facebook.

Before You Apply for Verification…

Before you apply for verification on Facebook, here are things you need to put in place.

  1. You must have an existing page in which you are the “Admin”.
  2. There should be some contents posted to your page.
  3. You must have a website.
  4. Ensure you have updated your “About” session on your page. Describe yourself in details and what your page is all about.
  5. An iPhone, iPad or Android with an internet connection
  6. Download the Facebook Mentions Apps.
  7. Any ID Photo Card.

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How To Verify Your Facebook Page

To get your page verified, here are the steps to follow…

  1. Change your page setting to “Public Figure”.
  2. Open the downloaded Facebook Mentions
  3. Once open, click on “Get Started”.
  4. In the next opened page, type in your name.
  5. Next, since you are applying for page verification, click on ‘My page isn’t verified…’
  6. A form will appear. Select the page for your personal brand.
  7. Afterwards, upload a copy of any photo ID (you will see the column for this).
  8. Next is to add your website
  9. Then, click on submit.
  10. Finally, run “boosted posts or ads” for about one week.
  11. Your page will be verified.

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We have taken our time to break this down into smallest details. Do you have any question regarding how to verify your Facebook page? Share with us and we shall attend to your misgivings and challenges. Thank you for visiting us today.

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