How To Verify Fake Images On TinEye – Fake Picture Detector

Have you ever seen pictures that you wondered if they are truly genuine? Have you had occasions where certain images seem too good to be true? Are you interested in knowing how to detect fake pictures and images? I am sure the answers to these are “YES” and that is why you are reading this. In simple steps, we will show you How To Verify Fake Images On TinEye. No more being deceived by fake images/pictures.

TinEye is an image search and recognition company. They are experts in computer vision, pattern recognition, neural networks and machine learning. The mission of TinEye is to make your images searchable. deliver image search and recognition solutions to the industries where searching images is mission critical. This guide will show you the easy steps on How To Verify Fake Images On TinEye.

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How To Verify Fake Images On TinEye

The next time you are in doubt of the authenticity of a particular image or picture, just remember that TinEye is there to guide. All you have to do is to follow this guideline we will give you below here.

  1. The first action is to save or download the picture you want to verify. Otherwise, you can copy the web address of the picture you want to verify. (It must be the URL of the actual photo, not of the entire web page.)
  2. Next is to navigate to in your device’s browser.
  3. You have two options. One is to select “upload image” and search for the saved copy of the picture in your device’s documents or picture gallery. Or, you paste the picture’s URL in the TinEye search bar.
  4. Then click on “enter” or you press to search.How To Verify Fake Images On TinEye - Fake Picture Detector
  5. Many images will be shown to you. Therefore, select one of the images returned. When this is done, you will see the original picture of the one you are searching for if it is fake. Also, you will be show the source/s where the particular picture you are searching for came from.
  6. With this, you can know if the image/picture is fake or not.

The above guide is How To Verify Fake Images On TinEye. You see it is very easy. So, you can do it.

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In a world where people do all their best to deceive others, use Photoshop for selfish purposes and other vices, this guide is very helpful to you. I am certain you can agree with that.

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