How To Verify Plate Number @ in Nigeria

For most of you who are cars owners and being conversant browsing online may now want to learn how to Check If Your Car (vehicle) Plate Number is Original. So this process is to verify plate number. Its important to known that you have to verify your car first and sort yourself out with the FRSC before you even proceed to police for tinted permit (for those who also want to apply for a tinted glass) because you might have problems with them if they find out first. 

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It is a very simple steps to Verify Plate Number @, which is the official site for online Plate number verification portal.

Because the website is mobile-friendly, you can also use your mobile phone to do this. Doesn’t necessary mean you have to use a computer for checking if your car plate number is verified.


How To Verify Plate Number @

  1. Use your phone or computer browser to navigate to
  2. The link above will open the verification page for number plate
  3. Enter your car or long-vehicle plate number in the box belowImage: How To Verify Plate Number
  4. Click “Verify”. Then you will get every details of your car number plate status, which is the name of your car and the date of registration.

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Alternatively, you can also Verify vehicle Plate Number  by Texting verifyplateno (Plate Number) to 33324 on your mobile phone. E.g. verifyplateno ABC000JR.


Please note that this verification is only applicable to the number plates with this formats ABC123AB not AB123 ABC.


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