Verizon Text Online: How to Create and Send a Text Message

The Verizon Text Online comes with the fantastic feature you commonly used on messengers and it’s easy to use. You can send messages to individuals or/and to groups. You can even give the recipients the ability to either reply to or not your messages.

In between your messages you can add files such as pictures, music, etc… Including adding locations and Emojis.

It’s fun and convenient to use Verizon text online to create and send messages.

Login to Create a Verizon Text Online Account

  1. Go to the main Verizon Text Online website – HERE
  2. Enter your login information. Your login details are; either your User ID or Phone number and your password.
Verizon Text Online login form image
  1. Click on “Sign In”

Now you’re in your Verizon Text Online dashboard area.

Verizon Web to Text isn’t the main challenge here, we have come across demands to explain how to send text Messages from the Verizon web. The steps below should guide you correctly.

Verizon Online Text

The Verizon Online Text messaging gives you the option to enter up to 10 phone numbers or contacts you already saved as your contacts. So you can manually enter those numbers or import the contacts directly to the message.

The steps to go on using the web Verizon message goes like this;

  1. After logging into your account, from the home page, navigate to “Account” >> “More”, then select “Task online”.
  2. Go through the terms and conditions of using this feature, then select “Accept” to continue.
  3. Now select “Compose Message” it is in form of a Pen icon.
  4. Start typing in your message in the box provided for it.
  5. Select “Send” when you’re done with the writing.


The Verizon Web Texting Online is not Working

There are couple of issued to check out for if the Verizon web texting online is not working at your end, that includes;

  • Ensure to to clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
  • You can use the “Open in Incognito” if using Chrome browser or “Open in Private” for other browsers.
  • Check your network and refreh.

A times when none of the above options isn’t working, you can always visit the Verizon community to lay your complains and interact with other experence users for a way out. Please, do not share you login details or other senitive information on a public/community.

You can as well use the comment box below to let us know for further assistance or questions.

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