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Do you have a blog or website that is getting traffic? Are you already monetizing but still want to add other effective and highly converting monetization channels? If any or all of this is a Yes, then you are on the right page to see how vi Contextual Video Platform works.

Video has become the most popular content online, though we have Google AdSense which is rated has one of the highest CPC payouts, but on the other hand, the audience prefers video to read text most times and this is why adding the vi Video Intelligence to your blog can highly convert easily and make your site bounce rate a good one.

vi is trusted by over 15,000 publishers and still counting, to deliver millions of contextual video stories every day.

How it Works

First, you have to own a website with contents on it. Then sign up with the vi Video Intelligence platform.

After applying, you will wait for the company to review your application if your website is eligible.

Now, after you have been approved, you’ll setup the vi Video Intelligence on your website (from backend) to start displaying engaging ad videos.

As people click on the videos to watch you’re making money from it.

Your Earning:

The minimum threshold for any payout to occur is 100 USD. Any balance below 100 USD will be carried forward until the minimum threshold is reached and payout can be made.

The dashboard reporting currency is USD, but payments can also be made in £ Sterling or Euros if previously agreed with the Publisher. vi shall send payment to Publisher via wire transfer / BAC’s transfer.

How to Signup Contextual Video Platform as a Publisher

  1. Visit the official website –
  1. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ menu at the top right of the page

You will see a drop-down list of options to select from; Publisher, advertiser, and creator.

A Publisher: for those who have a blog or website with contents in it, getting readers to come and read the information provided. In other words, a publisher is a content creator and publisher.

Advertiser: is one that has a business to advertise; get the audience to its business through the paid channels.

  1. Select by clicking on ‘Publisher’
  1. Fill out the simple Contextual Video Platform sign up form for publisher.
Contextual Video Platform Sign up form

Your Full name, email, and domain is required to fill on the form. Click on the + sign (behind the domain form) to add more blog addresses if you have more than one websites you love to monetize with Contextual Video Platform.

Then check the box to agree with the terms and conditions.

Click the ‘Register now‘ once you’re happy with every information provided.

  1. You see a ‘Thank you’ popup page on clicking the Register now button.

At this point you need to login to your email account and look for the message sent by vi – to take you into the next step of action.

vi  thank you page image
  1. Login to your email to read message from vi video
vi video intelligence message image

Massage is usually sent by Monica ( However, at this point there is no action to take from your end until your account/site is approved to start displaying the vi video intelligence ads.

Now follow the steps shown above and apply for your website/blog.

Use the comment box below if you have any question. We are here to assist you all through.

Also try to share this page across any social networks and forums – let others grab the opportunity also.

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