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VISA Lottery Application Form for 2016 – 2017 Entry

The VISA Lottery Application Form is an avenue for any one to register then when selected will be migrating to his/her dream country. A married person with children, single, old and young can apply for VISA Lottery.

This Registration is usually a yearly application and is been carried out online.

Best Country to Apply VISA Lottery

There are two best countries which we recommend here, namely;

  1. USA VISA Lottery – you can always visit to register for new DV Entrant and check status if you have been selected.
  2. Canadian VISA Lottery –  If you are interested in applying to immigrate to Canada you must apply through one of the programs listed here:


USA VISA Lottery

Each year, 50,000 immigrant visas (Green Cards) are awarded in a lottery held by the US Department of State. The green card lottery is an official program pursuant to Sec. 203 of the Immigration and Nationality Act. If you receive a Green Card through the program, you and your family will be able to live and work permanently in the United States.

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Canadian VISA Lottery

If you are looking for a work visa or skilled worker visa in Canada contact the nearest Canadian consular office or visit their web site to learn about their programs. Out side people can’t give you a Canadian visa.

Canadian Government offer many programs for those who are interested to work in their land, but take note for to get them you must have proper education and work experience.


What is VISA?

Visas are a kind of permission for a person to visit and stay in a country under conditions for a short time or long period. These visas are printed on a page of the holder’s passport or pasted as a sticker or rubber stamp on a page of the requested person’s valid passport and also it can be kept ready in computers at the entry point till the passenger arrives. There is much kind of visas are available from many countries according to the need of the traveler.

Following categories of visas are issued by most of the countries.

Types of VISA

  • Tourist visa
  • Visitor visa
  • Student visa
  • Skilled worker visa
  • Farm worker visa
  • Pilgrimage visa
  • Diplomat visa
  • Transit visa and many other visa categories.

145 thoughts on “VISA Lottery Application Form for 2016 – 2017 Entry

  1. i really need help on how to go about the canadian visa lottery

  2. Good day please how do I get the application form??

    1. We have just prepared an article that will give you a full guide on how to apply Canadian Visa Lottery online. Click here to read full details;

  3. how much does Canadian Visa cost work permit and student visa

  4. Pls av been looking for visa lottery about Lagos I don’t knw were too get it from Lagos place help me outndis my number 08056832420

  5. Thank you for the information,i will like an alert the excercise begins.

  6. I really want to apply for Canada visa lottery please help

  7. good day, please how sure or how really is the lottery.

  8. Hi, is it free to apply for the visa and which category do you think is the best for me. I’m a secondary school certificate holder

  9. Hi, is it free to apply for the visa and which category do you think is the best for me. I’m a secondary school certificate holder

  10. I really want to apply for American lottery Visa. Please how do I go about it?

  11. hi thanks for the reply earlier ……..
    I did the online application and I was given the reference code in my documents checklist and I was asked to upload some requirements like : passport, medical check results and filling some form etc. what I want you to help me with is the passport, the cost of the International passport and where to get
    thanks in advance ^o^

  12. Am having problem with the language box of the lottery form.

    1. Check on our page you will see Language Translator. Click on it and select your best understanding language option

  13. Please I really need help on how to get canada visa lottery form.2016/2017.thank you so much.

    1. What other help are you talking about?? We have listed above how to get what ever you need for the Canada Visa lottery. But feel free to ask any question in case you are confused.

      Good Luck

  14. How do I apply for Canada visa lottery,need your reply please

  15. Please how do I apply for canada visa lottery I need ur help tnx.

    1. Follow the steps I have listed above, on this page. Thanks

  16. Hi thanks for your urgent respond i fill the online lottery form and i was send a message of thanks that my form have been received so what else am i need to do.

    1. Wait for further email messages. But be careful so that you do not receive message from spam sites. Make sure to see that the messages you are receiving is same URL or LINK of that same site where you registered.

  17. Please how am sure that the visa lottery is really because some sites said its fake… Am confused here

  18. I really need help on how to get Canada visa lottery form

    1. Please I want you to understand that how to get Canada visa lottery form is not offline or any shop out there. Thus, this registration is done ONLINE so that is the reason for the article above to guide you through.

  19. Hi, pls d form i fill was not giving me of any responds that it is registered pls what will i do?

    1. Check your mail always for reply concerning your application

  20. Please how do I get free visa from Nigeria to Canada for better fashion design training and good standard of living?

  21. Pls how do I get enrolled for canada visa lottery 2016-2017…my mail;!! THANKS

    1. The enrollment form or link is right there in the blog. Follow the steps

  22. Please how do I apply for the Canada visa lottery, to work and come there with my family

  23. Pls when is 2016 lottry start, i which month and date

  24. please is visa lottery for this year out,i want to apply.

  25. Hello, i am studied accounting and i am a mother of 3. I hope to migrate to USA or Canada to work along with my husband and kids. We will be applying from Nigeria. Please what are our chances?

  26. Hello, i studied accounting and i am a mother of 3. I hope to migrate to USA or Canada to work along with my husband and kids. We will be applying from Nigeria. Please what are our chances?

    1. When the form comes out next month you will need to check whether is allowed to apply for USA visa lottery. But as for canada you can ally for it. If you don’t know how to go about it I advice you to pick an agent to assist you through, so that you dont waste your time and money

    1. Then you use the guide on the blog above to apply for it.

  27. Good day, I studied Public Administration and father of two. I hope to migrate to Canada alongside my wife and kids. Please, how do I go about it and what are my chances ?

    1. That means you have to apply for a family visa. read the article on the blog to guide you through

  28. I love all your response here. Am impressed, you are an expert indeed. Just need the skilled worker visa in canada website . because scammer are many out there. Your response will be appreciated.

  29. please how do I apply for student visa lottery to U.S?

    1. Still use the steps I have laid above. Its during your application that you choice which kind of visa lottery you are applying for.

  30. I am a graduate nurse and I wish to continue my carrier in Canada with my family through canada visa lottery. Pls,how do i go about it . Thanks

  31. Pls when will the Canadian visa lottery application forms come out?

  32. Mary
    Good day all
    please kind assist,how can i get Canada Visa Lottery Application Forms

  33. am a student,frm nigeria,my name stephen,how do i get i canadian visa lottery form,and when is d form coming out…..08108780955, is my contact

  34. Please what date and month will the American visa lottery be out? and also for canada.

    1. We announce it on our blog when the application form and portal opens. Just keep on following us here

  35. I want 2 apply for canada visa lottery 2016 07062671066 pls I want 2 know when it will come out thank

  36. Good evening
    When is Canada visa lottery will be out
    Because I had Nigeria are not eligible for the 2016

  37. Please I find it difficult to open the application form column with my smartphone, tecno y6 precisely. I want to know if the page can only be accessed with computer and not cellphone. Thanks.

  38. Hello
    It’s like am confused
    Please is Canada visa lottery form out
    Please I need your reply
    Or please your number

  39. Good afternoon,pls i need ur help on family visa lottery

  40. Pls sir I want know is USA lottery visa is out.

  41. Please how much will it cost to in Nigerian 18 years old …I need help please ..

  42. pls when will Canada visa lottery be out and can a pregnant woman apply?

    1. The application is currently in progress now. Yes pregnant woman can also apply

  43. please i want to aply for USA lottery now, how do i get started

  44. abiodun by name am currently looking for articulated dump truck operator in Canada sir how can I apply for the job vacancy pls sssit. thanks

  45. how can i be help to get to canada to work,am a technician in all kind of aliminium profiles

    1. Kindly use the application link you see on this page and apply

  46. hello,
    please I need guide on how to
    apply for a usa or Canada visa.
    when will the next visa lottery application start.
    which is preferable country for Nigerians to apply

  47. I really need to involve in the 2017 visa lottery pls guide me

  48. Please i want to apply canada lottery visa,but am stay in UAE.

  49. Please i need your reply now,because i want to apply for it now,I live in UAE.but am from Nigeria.

  50. Please I wish to apply for Canadian visa lottery 2017 please I need guide line on how to go about it.

  51. Please sir I am holding diploma in Education in pure math/Technical but wana further up in cananda by applying for the free visa care, please I need your help about how to go about it.

    1. If you don’t mind, I advice you to call this number: 08033208148 Mr (Pastor) Alex. He is a professional agent that can assist you better.

  52. Please sir i really need help to apply. For canadian lottrey . I don’t no were to start from. Am 23 trying hard to survive.couldn’t go to school because of financial problems in my family.pls help me.and God will reword u. 09030778094.

  53. Good day, I want to apply for Canadian visa lottery. Which category will a family of 4 fall into, what are the requirements, what’s the cost and how do I go about it? We are from Nigerian. Kindly reply asap.

  54. Am a capental, how can I get Canada visa lottery.

  55. My hustle have carry me too Burkina Faso,by look for this Canada visa lottery,so how can I get in touch with you people.

    1. kindly call Pastor Alex Okon on 08033208148. He will guide you through. Please also not that he his an agent, so he can give you the best advice, assistant and guide.

  56. I’m Lucy from Cameroon, I’m a degree holder and 3yrs of work exoerience as a customer service/cash managwment.Is it possible for me to apply for a canada work visa? If yes, i do i go about it?

  57. How can I apply for canada visa lottery programm

  58. I am a fashion design please can I applied for the lottery. my phone number 07039513115

    1. Yes, you can, as a mater of fact the country seeks mostly for skilled people and education follows.

  59. Please when is the starting date for Canadian visa lottery 2017 and when is the closing date?thank you

  60. kindly send me ur office address to enable follow up with you people and ur location. Tnxs

    1. How can I register for this lottery and what are my required

  61. I really want to apply for Canada visa lottery please how can you help

  62. Mmadinobi From Nigeria, I got a message in Canada visa lottery that will start on march 1 and interview beginning on August.please I have a question, the skills is that if you have the knowledge you can come along or if you don’t have the knowledge you can also come along. Then if we are coming their to learn is it for free or it will cost us and how much is the cost our expenses

  63. when is this year visa lottery coming out pls cos I really need to apply for it nd pls notify me

  64. i want to apply, i gave email adresse but i didn’t recieved any message on it, please i need help

  65. Pls kindly need ur advice, I apply for USA visa lottery later I found out that Nigeria is not eligible for the lottery. Pls how true its in order not to waste my money. I will b glad if I could find answer to my question

    1. Its true, so far since 2013 Nigeria is not eligible for the USA visa lottery. But let see how this year goes.

  66. I graduated diploma in law, my place of birth haramaya Ethiopia and my nation is oromo , my nationality is Ethiopian. my date of birth 1984. I live in Nairobi Kenya and iam refugee of Nairobi Kenya . now iam living with my family , I need visa lottery please assist me .

  67. Am interested in Canada visa,am truck driver with 7 years experience

  68. Greetings my good people, I’m just so excited to write to you people. I’ll start by thanking you people for the great job of helping people. God Bless you all. Me writing to you makes me feel like I’m already in Canada. I’m a girl of 26 getting to 27, daughter of a farmer. I really wish to travel to Canada for a job so as to assist myself and my parents. My doubts now is I don’t even know when is the registration commencing and ending. Sir I’ll be patiently waiting for your favorable reply. Thanks

    1. You can apply at anytime with an application called: “Immigrant Visa” (not visa lottery).

  69. I Okunola funminiyi and my wife applied for Canada visa lottery form since last year August 2016 at BCOS Ibadan and ever since, there is no message or reply and agent here in Ibadan is avoiding my call. Please what am I going to do now?

    1. They avoid your calls cos they also know that there is nothing like “Canada visa lottery form”. SO what Canada has is called “immigrant Visa” and its not for free. And to apply that you need to visit the embassy or Canada government official website

  70. Pls.i have been trying to register for UK visa lottery online registration but I can’t get the online registration can I get the online UK visa lottery registration form,what’s the website?

  71. Pls. When is this 2017 visa lottery coming out pls. Bcos I really need to apply for it and pls. Notify me. Thanks

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