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Vodafone Registration Form | Vodafone Login Account

Get an exclusive deals on Vodafone. You have the ability to take charge of so many things once you have completed the Vodafone registration process. Vodafone presents offers to its users and interested new customers at a very cheap price.

For instance, you can buy the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phones, Huawei, Google Pixel latest phone, etc. Buying is not the “KEY POINT” here, but the payment flexibility – instalment payment. Plus the ability to upgrade your phone when a new phone is released – without Vodafone charging you for an upgrade fee.

This means that you can always upgrade your phone to the latest of any kind or brands of phone you desire.

PLUS unlimited data with 5G speeds for the price of 4G. Terms and conditions apply.

New Vodafone Account Registration Process

There is some prerequisite for creating a new Vodafone account. It is categories into TWO parts – that you have your Vodafone mobile device or that you have only the Vodafone Home Broadband.

If you have the Vodafone mobile device:

Understand that every Vodafone mobile device is assigned a mobile number which you can register with. It could be a mobile phone, tablet, Data Dongle, Mobile Broadband device or landline.

You’ll need your number and device to hand for the registration process.

How to sign up:

  • On the site, first, you will be asked to enter your Vodafone number.
  • Then you will receive a security code to verify your phone number. But it will be voice message if you’re using the landline.
  • Then you should see the form to fill up.
  • Submit to get your account created.

If what you only have the Vodafone Home Broadband:

You can register using your Home Broadband order number.

You also gave Vodafone a contact number when you placed your order – you’ll need that device to hand for the registration process.

How to Sign Up:

  • Because you’re using the Home Broadand then you will be asked to enter your order number.
  • Once you ave entered it correctly, click on “CONTINUE” to see the complete Vodafone Registration Form.
  • Fill up and submit your form to complete the registration process.

Vodafone Login Account Steps And Requirements

Logging in to your Vodafone account is simple and fast to do. You have the option to login Vodafone account through the web address (which we will be discussing later) and to login through the Vodafone Mobile App.

For any of the options, it requires a similar requisite to login to your account. But let’s take then one after the other.

Logging Into Vodafone From Web Page

Knowing the correct Vodafone mail login page should be your first concern because there are similar websites addresses on the web and to avoid you wasting time stumbling on wrong sites – we have listed the site below and steps.

Because Vodafone is a big brand spread in all over the world, the portal address for some countries might differ – all depends on your country and language you understand.

For example, there are several pages designed for a particular country and languages;


Among all, having vodafone.co.uk to be the English translated page.

  1. Visit the website to login
  2. Click on “My Vodafone” menu (at the top of the page)
  3. You have options to select from – asking what you want to achieve on the page. Click on “Log in”.
  4. Then enter your account username and password
  5. Click on “Log in Now”.

Logging Into Vodafone Via App

there is a link below to download the new Vodafone Mobile app. Once the app is downloaded the login process (as listed above) remains the same.

Download The “My Vodafone” Mobile App

With the Vodafone mobile app installed on your phone, you have the ability to instantly view your bills and spending, get special offers and access 24/7 live chat support – all within the My Vodafone app.

This is flexibility! Getting all the services in your figure tip.

It’s free to download the Vodafone Mobile app – available for only Android and iOS devices.

Then follow the instructions to complete the installation, and login to your Vodafone account.


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