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VUDU App Download for iOS, Android and Windows Phones –

Its time for entertainment, relaxing and get refreshed with the latest Movies and TV Shows You Want right on your Mobile phone; as VUDU App connects you to the 4k UHD world.

VUDU is owned and managed by Walmart company online video-on-demand streaming service providing registered users an access to movies and TV shows.

Its as well regarded a movies and TV titles library for rental, free and streamed to media streaming devices, smart TVs and home-theater components that have the Vudu app installed.

The VUDU app for mobile phones allows you to streem movies or catch up with your favorite TV Shows you have interest in. All you need is to download the latest version right on your mobile phone.

And, guess what; this page is where to assist you download the VUDU movies and TV-show app. The App is FREE!

Types of Movies or Shows to Expect

We’re all familar with Netflix right, I mean It is also a movies website to rent or buy. Which also gives a free 30days trial before upgrading to premium pacakage.

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Vudu has come to chage the game-style of online video-on-demand streaming service in a brand new way. It offers services such as;

  • Rentals Movies
  • Free Movies of the Week
  • Deals of the Week
  • Cinema
  • TV Seasons
  • Animation Invasion (for kids)
  • Most Watched TV Serise

All of the above sevices comes as FREE and PREMIUM Package with an affordable prices.

There is deals for users, like; deal of day, deal of week and deal of the month. As the deals are made available so their are slashes in prices.

The free also gives you the opportunity to watch almost all kinds of movies; be it Horror, comedies, TV shows, actions, seasons, complete episodes, and much more. But must of the frees definitely will display Ads. PLUS, VUDU provides the free packages to select from.

How to Download Download VUDU App on Mobile Phones

The Application is free and available for all Android, iOS and Windows phone users. You can get the link to download the app from the official website “”.

Or simply use the links and steps below;

After you have downloaded the app; the next step is to login your account.

Login Movies site Account

Whether on mobile or through the we; you will need to login first to access inform

You have THREE options of logging into your account;

  • By email account
  • Using Walmart account detail
  • Facebook account
Vudo login page

By the click on the button you will automatically login. While for the email account; you have to provide the same email address and password to login.

Once completed, you are good to start renting buy and watching Vudu free movies.

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