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Wallet Africa Full Review – About the sign up, login & using Wallet Africa

Wallet Africa is another unique online payment processor, allowing users to own and manage accounts and cards from across the world. Unlike other similar brands, Wallet Africa’s charge rate is significantly competitive when compared.

Countries like Nigeria with some banking restriction policy of $100 dollars of Naira daily limit also applies here. WHich means Wallet African works with the banking policy of any country it exists. Thus, if you’re a Nigerian and searching for other African payment processors that allow you to spend more – check out this page.

This page covers the steps on how to complete the Wallet African sign up process and other features you stand to enjoy.

Wallet Africa Sign up Process

You can either choose to sign up for the Wallet Africa account via its mobile app or web page, irrespective of the platform you are signing up from the process and the requirements remain the same.

Signing up from the Web Page

  1. Visit the main page at www.wallets.africa,
  2. At the top of the page menu, click on “Sign Up”,
  3. You can either be creating your account as an individual (personal) or as a business owner.

Creating Wallet Africa Personal Account: This will require your name, including contact detail, mobile phone number, email address, BVN, document for identification and verification of your account (like Driver license, Passport, or your country national ID).

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  1. Select “Get Started”
  2. Select “Wallet for Personal use”,
  3. Then select your approprate country code if the default is incorrect, then enter your phone number, and click on “Create Your Account”.
  4. An SMS (containing a verification code) will be sent to the number.

    Note: You hahve the option to request for the code sent to your whatsapp, if the number is registered on whatsapp already.
  5. Fill in your detail. This is where you enter full information about you, that includes your name, home contact detail, state of origin, date of birth, and your gender. Then select the “Next” button.

    Note: your details are to be inputed as it were in your BVN or your country security. different detail may be required depending your location or country.
  6. Type in your email address correctly and click on the “Next” botton.

    Create a login strong and secured login password.

    Congratulations! You have completed the registration.

    Now, go to your email account, a mail will sent to you (containing verification link), open the mail and click on the verification link to very your Wallet African.

Creating Wallet Africa Business Account: This will need all that the personal account needed (as listed above) including your business detail. Please note that you must have a registered business to complete the business account registration on Wallet Africa, further documents as regards your business will also be required for more authenticity and verification of the account opening.

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Type in (or highlight & copy & paste) this in the referral code field: walletdaidai91

  1. You are expected to login to your email and click on the link wallet.ng sent – in order to verify your account.
  2. Read every instructions to complete the registration process. You are expected to login to your email and click on the link wallet.ng sent – in order to verify your account.
  3. The next will be to create a login Password.
  4. Then enter your BVN or your country’s security code. This requirement may vary depending the county you are creating the account from.

    Then upload your registered business documents and wait for further verification and confirmations.

meanwhile, you can always complete that #7 later.

Login to your Wallet African to complete that necessary registration process to get your account ready for an uninterrupted transaction.

Signing up from the Mobile app

The registration process still remains the same across devices and platforms. The link below will lead you to download the Wallet African App, launch/open the app and follow the steps laid above to complete the signup process.

Verifying Your Wallet

Please note that further verification process may include a selfie, a valid identification document (voter’s card, your driver’s license, your international passport or your National Identity Document).

Wallet Africa Mobile App

You can always download the app on the Google Play Store and iOS store. The app is free, however. The link below also quick help you navigate to the right App store’s page to get the app right away.

Of course, the steps above can also be carried out on the app.

What can you do on Wallet African?

  • Create Phisical & Visual Cards
  • Send and Recive Money
  • Buy Airtime and Pay other Bills

Creating Phisical and Visual Cards

The Wallet African visual card allows you to spend locally and internationally, with your local currency and dollars. You’ve got the ability to transact on any website in the world, withdraw cash at any ATM or make purchases at POS terminals all over the world with the card.

How to Create a Dollar Card:

Creating a dollar card in Wallet Africa is free but the policy is that you MUST have at least $10 equivalent in your main wallet (account) to fund the card and start using it.

To create your dollar card, simply go to Cards from the menu and follow the instructions to create your card for free after registration.

Sending and Receiving Money

Just like other brands like OPay, Barter, and the rest of them, Wallet African also allows users to send money locally and internationally. But the unique part of their service is also the ability to create a visual account number(s) to save and even receive money from anywhere across the world.

Buying of Airtime and Payment of other Bills

You can also buy and pay bills from your wallet.

How to Make money with Wallet Africa

Every verified account stand the chance of earning money for free. It is simple, tell people about the Wallet African, let them sign up using your referrer code that is assigned for your account.

Money will be credited into your account once the referred person (or people) verify and start transacting with the account.

Hope this page was helpful?


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