Want To Choose A Domain Name? 4 Things You Must Consider

To start your blog or website, there are certain things you must put in place. One of them, which also appears very important, is to choose a domain name. Once you get this right, most other things could fall into place for you. Unfortunately, not many persons get this right. There are some vital tips you must consider in choosing a domain name.

So, what should you consider when I want to choose a domain name? Do you want a perfect domain name? Would you want a domain name that can be remembered or one that cannot be remembered? I know your choice.

Let us move on as I show you practical tips to ensure your domain name is not forgotten as fast as possible.

How To Choose A Domain Name

When choosing a domain name either for your business, personal blog, whatever you are getting it for, here are the tips you should consider.

  1. Short is cute

Keep your domain name short. Gaebler an entrepreneur magazine conducted research and find that the top 5 websites have about 6 characters in their domain name. Consider names like Konga, Hotel.ng, Wakanow and even Amazon. In choosing a domain name, I suggest you stay within the character count of 6 and 12.

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  1. Simplicity is key

It is not enough to keep your domain name short but you must also keep it simple. Your main objective is to get a name that is easy to remember and write. Go for names that are not only generic but brandable. See names like Konga, Ubuntu, and Wakanow, they are generic native names that are brandable because they are unique. I am a fan of generic, and unique so if I was getting a domain name for a learning portal, I may want to choose a name like “Ewe, Makaranta or something.” Simple is always better.

  1. Use a less complex domain name extension.

Your domain extension is the suffix that follows your domain name e.g .com, .org, .co, .info, .net, .me, and country-specific extensions such as .ng, .org.ng (ng means Nigeria), .co.za (South Africa), .uk (United Kingdom) and lots more. It is always better you go for a .com domain extension because it is by far the most popular. Name five websites that come to mind and you will find about three of them ends with .com.

The problem with the .com extension is that it is the most common extension. It is so popular that your choice domain name could already be taken. In that case, you may want to consider a change of name or pick a different extension. .org, .co, .net, .info are also popular extensions.

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  1. Avoid using hyphens and numbers

How many times have you tried searching for a user name on Instagram and you don’t find it because it was punctuated with an underscore or a number? Imagine that Linda Ikeji’s domain name is spelled Linda_Ikeji. You want to avoid using hyphens and numbers by all means in your domain name. They make it more difficult to type and memorize.


Your domain name can boost your online visibility if well-chosen. So, when you want to choose a domain name, ensure you follow these tips listed above.

Don’t choose a domain name that is difficult to pronounce, hard to spell, almost impossible to remember and above all absolutely meaningless and of course definitely un-brandable.

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