Waptrick Alternative to Download Action Games For PC

Waptick has always been a popular website to download free music, movies Apps and even Games. But most times one may decide to download a full HD graphic games on PC and that you may not get on www.WapTrick.com page. So this page has listed below alternatives websites to download best HD action games for PC.

You are not only getting best action games suitable for PC gamers, but also a list of the top computer games and download links.

Most times some sites trick by claiming to have the links to download free or paid games but on a long run after selecting the game you are interested in, find out that the link to the game isn’t working or redirecting to something not even related to game. That is “TRICKY”.

But from the sites listed below you can confortably download, play and order for your games online without any fear.

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#1. Amazon.com

Amazon is a genuine website to download any kind of games you want. When logging on the site, it gives you the option to select which platform you want to the game for. Not only that, Amazon also has free and buy games which you can download. Although Amazon is never manufactural  of games, rather it’s an online shop to buy games which other gaming companies (listed below) sell.

How to find Games on Amazon.com website:

  1. Make sure to have an account with Amazon. If not click here to sign up now. Or login here.
  2. Once you are logged in, use the search bar (at the top of the page) type “PC Games” or PC Games download”, you should see the list of games available on Amazon, including the free games and premium games.
  3. then select the game you want and add to cart if it’s for sale or follows further instructions to download for free.

Alternatively, you can use the filter method to quickly choose from game categories, the platform you want to use the game on, and so on.

Amazon Games come as a raw file (APK) which you have to install on your computer to start playing, the same way if you are buying for XOne, PS4 and Mac.

#2. Konami

Konami games are among all the wonderful platform to get any kind of game you want for iOS, Android, PS4, PS3, Xbox, OneXbox 360, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Most of the popular games out there is been powered by Konami. Let’s take for instance; PES, God or War, and other adventure games.

konami games Have powerful graphic display and enjoying to play.

#3. GameStop

GameStop is another best place to shop for games for Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch games, systems, consoles & accessories. It also among the world’s largest retail gaming destination. I have known GameStop for long and most of the games on my PC was downloaded from the website.


#4. PlayStation.com

playstation.com is a proud product of SONY Company and a gaming website not listing among the TOP FIVE WEBSITE TO DOWNLOAD HD GAMES FOR PC. If you are gamer then you should know about PlayStation – the manufactural of the game consoles (PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 ). On the site, you see latest deals, buy game accessories (redirection to Amazon shop), bower latest games and play games online.

Other websites include:

  • www.iexgames.com
  • www.g2a.com/en/
  • www.bestbuy.com

Any game you have the interest to buy – you can find it on all the sites above. But the prices will definitely differ, that is why it’s very important to compare prices before concluding on which platform to buy games. Check price comparison websites out in order to search for the best deal online, like Bonavendi


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