How to Watch iRoko Movies in Mobile Phone – iRoko Movie App

iRoko Tv has made the website in such that users will have to Sign up for an iRoko Tv Movie Account, this enable you to have access to the site and select any movies, watch iRoko Movies in Mobile Phone you love to watch and download on your mobile phone.

So here are some simple tips to sign up iRokoTV Movies website. Just in case you want to register or sign in now.

Desktop Sign Up for iRokoTV Movies

  • Visit
  • You can either sign up with your Phone number or your email address
  • Then fill the form and submit by clicking the “Sign Up”

Mobile Phone Sign Up for iRokoTV Movies

For you to start Watching iRoko Movies in Mobile Phone you will have to sign up are download the app too. So I will show you here how to do that.

  1. Download iRoko Tv Movies App on play store
  2. After downloading it, at the process of installing the app you will be as whether to “Login – as an existing member” or “Register as a new Member
  3. Then select which one you fit in and fill the form. Please make sure that you internet data is on.
  4. After that, you can now start subscribing, watching and downloading all latest Africans Movies on iRoko Tv Movies App for mobile.

How to Watch iRoko Movies in Mobile Phone After iRoko Tv Account Registration

You should know that for now iRoko TV Movies App is only available for Android Phones. This App enable you to  access the world’s best Nollywood movies & TV series: 6000+ Nigerian & Ghanaian films. Download your favorite movies and TV shows offline. Keep movies on your device and watch them anytime again without using any data!

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