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All businesses need accurate financial accounting. However, most people find it herculean to carry out this task. This led to the innovation of online accounting software that makes it easy for business men and women to carry out their accounting easily. Of the many online accounting software out there, Wave stands out for various reasons. We have brought guides on Wave Accounting Software Sign Up.

The Wave Accounting Software Sign Up details guides on how you can sign up wave account and enjoy the numerous benefits of the wave account. So, ensure you follow this guide to the end and you will be glad you did. You know why? Your business is taking a new shape now. Read on.

Wave Accounting Software Sign Up

Signing up a Wave account is very easy and straight forward. But, let’s have a brief review of the Wave accounting software for your convenience.

Wave is a web-based integrated accounting solution exclusively designed for small organizations. Collectively, the solution features accounting, invoicing, billing, payment tracking, payroll management, finance management and receipts.

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With the bank reconciliation feature, businesses can link their bank accounts, PayPal accounts and other sources of data for real-time transaction records. Businesses can also generate reports such as balance sheets, sales tax reports and account receivable and payable reports with Wave accounting.

Wave accounting system also provides an invoicing tool to collect money, and users can choose the template of their choice as per the organization’s needs. Invoices can be sent via email, and the system’s payment processing allows users to collect credit card payments.

Wave Pricing

While many other accounting softwares have different pricing list, the Wave software is entirely (100%) free! Yes! All the features of Wave accounting software are free to use. The only requirement is to have an account with them. That is why we bring to you the Wave Accounting Software Sign Up guide.

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Wave Accounting Software Sign Up Guide

Having seen the features of wave, let’s show you how to sign up.Wave Accounting Software Sign Up

  • Log onto the sign up portal here.
  • Type in your email address and chosen password in the space provided.
  • Finally, click on “Create Your Free Account”.

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How To Set Up Your Business

Wave Accounting Software Sign Up
Wave accounting dashboard

We ask you some simple questions so that we can customize your account.

  1. Company name: This will appear at the top of the page when you’re logged into Wave, as well as on your reports and invoices. Don’t sweat it. It doesn’t matter if this is your legal entity name (“8675309 Inc.”) or how you introduce your business on Facebook (“Home Renos 4 U”). Use something that makes sense to you.
  2. Business type: Are you a farmer, a consultant, or a web designer? By telling Wave what kind of business you do, we can pick the right settings for you. For example, if you’re a farmer, you’ll get a “Fertilizer” category for your expenses, and if you’re a web designer, you won’t! If you don’t see a business type that matches yours exactly, pick the closest thing, or choose “Other.” Close enough is good enough.
  3. Currency: Pick the currency you want to use for your accounting. You’ll still be able to issue invoices in other currencies, or track expenses in different currencies. If you want to Edit, you’ll see 2 options: Business currency is for your business transactions, and Personal currency is (you guessed it) for your Personal finances.
  4. Money saving deals: Once or twice a week, Wave sends email offers from partners that provide services or products for small businesses. Check the box if you want to get these emails. (Give it a try — you can unsubscribe at any time.)
  5. Address: Enter the business address you’ll want to show on invoices or reports.
  6. Then, you are good to go!

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