Wells Fargo Login Online Banking Account Registration (A Complete Guide)

Everybody wants to open an account that allows them to manage their money and making good financial decisions while in school, workplace, or doing business.

The type of account you open really determines your goal to either save or consider the proximity and availability of your bank’s ATMs and branches, in addition to other personal preferences that may be important to you.

And Wells Fargo has all it takes to get you there.

Walls Fargo offers two types of banking account; Savings and Checking account.

Checking Account Type: You can either jointly or singly open an account. In any case, it requires your personal information, Social Security number, driver’s license, and a minimum opening deposit amount.

You have quick access to your cash and ability to manage your account via ATMs as well as online.

While Savings has similar requirements for opening the account, including managing your account and having access to your cash at anything. But the difference is that it has to be an individual account opening, and of course, the savings account gives you the privilege to save and even make some commissions while saving.

This means that your deposit can grow base on the interest rate.

Having known that, the interesting part of banking is the internet and mobile banking system. Seamlessly, it keeps you up to date with every activity of your account.

This page shows you how to enroll mobile or online banking. But note that before heading to Wells Fargo Online Banking Account enrollment, you Must have gotten your;

Information You need for Walls Fargo Online Banking Enrollment

  • Your account number – once you apply new for the account number you immediately get your account number displayed on the screen. If you messed it or never have a copy of that then you can visit any of the branches in the USA to retrieve it or wait for some time to be mailed to you.
  • Login Pin number to access your login. Normally it is been mail out to you.

Start Enrolling for a New Wells Fargo Online Banking Account

  1. Visit the website on – https://www.wellsfargo.com/online-banking/ and click on “Enroll Now”; or you can click here to access the Wells Fargo online banking enrollment form.

    Alternatively, you can also use the Walls Fargo Mobile app (if you’ve downloaded it). I’ve dropped the download link below.
  2. You have the options to either enter your “Social Security number (SSN)” or “Individual Taxpaying Identification Number (ITIN)”

You only check the box below it if you don’t have either SSN or ITIN – and that tells you MUST provide either your ATM/debit card, account, or loan number on the next box.

  1. Enter either either your ATM/debit card, account, or loan number.

You can also check the box (like you did above) if you still don’t have any of the information asked in the box.

Checking that box opens more form for you to enter your date of Birth and Last name because your date of birth and names would have been pulled out if you had provided any of the required information.

Please Note:
For step 2 and Step 3 – you are to provide the information you had provided during the opening o the Walls Fargo account. In other words, it must me the same information associated with your account

However, You must provide that information in other to signup for the Wells Fargo Online Baking Account. Without those, you are going no further than here.

  1. Then click “Continue” to proceed
  2. The “PIN” page opens for you to enter the pin number Walls Fargo mailed to you
  3. Next, you will be prompt to create your Wells Fargo login username and password

    – The first thing it’s going to be asking is your email address. Please note that you are to enter the same email address that you have associated your Wells Fargo account with, which they’re going to be sending you notifications.
    – Then enter the username name you will be using to login to your account
    – enter your password, yu have to repeat the same password to ensure its correct.
  4. Next, click on “Continue”
  5. Next, check your email account (Wells Fargo just sent you a mail).
    The email is for you to complete your enrollment by confirming your email address.

    You will see a small button or link to click – to confirm and complete your enrollment.
  6. Next, on clicking the link in your email it will prompt you to a new Wells Fargo login page for you to Sign in with your Wells Fargo username and password you just created.
  7. Next, click on the “Sign On” button
  8. Next, asking you if you would like to save your username and password on that device, pick your option
  9. Next, asking you whether you agree with the Wells Fargo online banking terms and conditions – Feel free to reed and check the box and click on “I Agree”

    Please note that if you don’t agree to those terms and conditions you will not be given access to online banking.
  10. Next, you will see a confirmation screen saying that you have been enrolled now.
  11. Next, you may then click on “View online account now”.
  12. and boom – you should see your account right away.

Now you can go back to your email account to read the conformation message Wells Fargo had sent to you – confirming that you have now enrolled for an online banking and it was successful.

So this is how you register for Wells Fargo Login Online Banking Account.

Feel free to use the comment box below if you had encountered any error following the steps to signup Wells Fargo Online Banking Account or that you have other questions related to Wells Fargo Online banking system.

I have also found a video to guild you here

Video Showing How Create Wells Fargo Online Banking Account Login

How Do I Get to See Wells Fargo Near Me?

To see the Wells Fargo locations near you is as easy as reciting A,B,C,D… because the Wells Fargo has provided a web solution to simply check and show you every location and branches around your location.

Also, you can narrow your quest for the location of your bank around you using the filter provided on the website.

With a click of a button (and selection of few options) you should be able to know the nearest wells Fargo location around you. So use the steps we have shown below to see Well Fargo locations near you.

  1. Access the Wells Fargo Location check portal >>>HERE
Wells Fargo Login Online Banking Account Registration (A Complete Guide) 1
  1. use the search box to enter your address or city or zip code of your location
  2. Then click on ‘Search’ button to see your result.

Download Wells Fargo Mobile App for Quick Transaction

The Wells Fargo mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. You can use the link below to download the app right away.

Alternatively, you can log on to your app store and search for “Wells Fargo” to see the official app you should download.

Other Questions and Answers (Solutions)

What am I to do with my temporal password?

Answer: The temporal password gives you the first login access into the account, but you are meant to change simply sign on with your username and temporary password. You will then be prompted to create a new password.

Why was My password has been suspended?

Answer: Yes, it is a safety measure Walls Fargo takes to protect your account when they notice any fault attempt login. But don’t be scared because you can still regain access, you’ll need to create a new password. It is recommended that you change your username after signing on, for additional protection.

If you do not have the required information to create a new password through Wells Fargo Online, you will need to contact Online Customer Service at 1-800-956-4442.

Drop more questions below and we will make sure to attempt them all to your satisfactions.


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