Western Union Money Tracking Without MTCN Guide

Western Union Money Tracking Without MTCN Guide – The Western Union money transfer has been existing in ages. You can send and also receive money using the Western Union. If you are sent money or you are to receive money, you can easily track the status of the money transfer online. Usually, the track wstern Union money online, you will need what is called the MTCN to be able to track the money. However, most time, people can forget or misplace there MTCN. In such situation, is there any hope for them?

In this guide, we will show you how to carry out Western Union Money Tracking Without MTCN. So, if you happen to misplace or forgot your MTCN, you don’t need to panic at all. There is an alternative for you. And that is what we will show you here.

What’s a Western Union MTCN / tracking number?

Many would want to know what the MTCN is. Right? After you send money, you’ll get a receipt and each receipt includes a unique tracking number (MTCN), which is a 10-digit number assigned to every money transfer you make with us.

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How do I use the tracking number (MTCN)?

A unique tracking number (MTCN) will be generated for every Western Union transfer. Whether you’re sending internationally from wu.com to a bank account or sending across the country from an agent location to a friend or family member, it’s important to keep your tracking number (MTCN) safe.

Your receiver will need the tracking number (MTCN) to pick up the money. They’ll also need a government-issued ID to prove they’re the correct receiver. For your protection, don’t share the tracking number (MTCN), or any other details about your transfer with anyone other than the intended receiver.

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Western Union Money Tracking Without MTCN Guide

First, we will show you how to track western union money transfer with MTCN. After that, we will show you how to do so without the MTCN.

How To Track Western Union Money Transfer With MTCN

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  1. Visit Western Union Portal.
  2. You will see two options “I’m the sender” & “I’m the receiver”. Select the one that best describes you.
  3. Enter the necessary details in the form. ( This include your (MTCN) tracking number).
  4. Click on “continue”.
  5. The status of the money transferred will be displayed right there on the screen.

How To Track Western Union Money Transfer Without MTCN

  1. Visit this Western Union Portal and select “Don’t know the MTCN” if you have lost or forgotten your (MTCN).
  2. Enter the fields (which includes; the sender’s number, the receiver’s country, amount sent and the date of transaction). Image result for western union money tracking without mtcn
  3. Correct filling of this details will guarantee you to have your MTCN back, then you can proceed to track the status.
  4. That’s simple. You are done.

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