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What an Email ID or Email Username is like?

For a clear understanding, on this page, we have explained what an email ID or email username looks like and it’s meaning.

A login ID or username can be confusing to most newbies. But its simple to learn what it is.

Accessing most online accounts and apps, users are required to provide either their registered email address for the account or a login ID or username.

And usernames (or ID) are crested or assigned while the account is been created. For some platforms, IDs/usernames are automatically assigned to the users. This means that the user won’t be able to edit or choose an ID/username.

Whereas, other platforms allow users to create their user IDs/usernames by themselves.

However, there are still other platforms that convert usernames and ID from either the user’s name or other details filled in the registration form. But as to be chosen by the users. A good example of it is the email space. Emails like Gmail, Yandex, Outlook, Yahoo, Reddifmail, etc automatically makes users email name (without the extension) become the username or ID. And that is exactly the Email ID or Email Username we’ve explained on this page.

How Email Username is created

It depends on the platform you are creating an Email ID or Email Username from. Some platform especially asks you to choose (type in) the username or login ID that you want.

Email platforms, as explained already automatically uses part of the email address as username or email ID.

How the Email Username or ID looks like

Email username or email ID is a part email address. For example, Gmail address could be like;

  • john123@gmail.com or john123.official@gmail.com, etc.

For the first Gmail example, the username or email ID is “john123” while the second is “john123.official”.

You could see and understand that a username or email id is always without the email extension (that is exclusion of @gmail, @yahoo.com, @yandex.com, @outlook.com, @rediffmail.com, etc)

The same way it applies to Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Yandex mail, Reddifmail, etc.

So whenever you’re logging into your email account, you definitely have an option of providing an email ID or Username, just type in your the email credential without the extension as explained above.

What an Email ID or Email Username?

An email ID or email username is simply a part of login credentials for access an account.

It is usually a short digits or numbers or alphabets, combinations that are provided by account users to access an account (after an email or other login steps have been provided.

Sites like Facebook.com will either require that users provide either the phone number, username or registered email to access the account. Likewise other online accounts.

Most times, usernames are not editable or changeable once it is created or assigned to the user.

It is preferred called either email ID or email username by email platforms, but they all mean something.


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