What Are Full TSTV Satellite Features?

What Are Full TSTV Satellite Features?

The newly launched TSTV satellite is already making waves in the Paytv sector. Many persons are now sitting up and asking what are full TSTV satellite features? In case you are among those asking, relax, we have you covered. We have decided to bring to you the full features of the TSTV satellite to you.

The answer to the question of What Are Full TSTV Satellite Features, would likely surprise you. It is so big and huge that many are even afraid if it’s real and true. The answer is yes. It is real, it is true and above all, it is cheap. With only #5,000 (five thousand naira, you will purchase the TSTV dish and decoder). The only thing left is your subscription which is made to be affordable to everyone. We shall treat them all below here. Read on.

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What Are Full TSTV Satellite Features

So, let’s break down these and answer the questions one after the other.

Features of TSTV Decoder

Here are the features of the TSTV decoder.

  • 200+ Channels,
  • Pause, Record and Play back Feature
  • Free Wifi: 20GB Free data
  • Inbuilt Camera for video calling
  • Affordable subscription
  • Webcam
  • Video calls with other subscribers via IP
  • Pause subscription function
  • 50GB internal storage
  • External hard drive compatibility (up to 1TB)
  • Internet access
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • USB 3.0
  • 1GB Ethernet
  • RF for hybrid remote controls

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TSTV Subscription Table

Like we said earlier, the TSTV subscription is made to be very affordable to all categories of persons. Here are the subscription plans.

Bouquets Price Data

Bouquet (Plan) Amount Data Bonus
Monthly Bouquet N3, 000 10GB
Two weeks Bouquet N1, 500 5GB
Ten Days Bouquet N1, 000 3GB
Weekly Bouquet N750 2GB
Three Days Bouquet N500 1GB
Daily Bouquet N200 500MB

TSTV Data Bonus

As you have seen in the table above, the TSTV offers data bonus to all subscribers. When you purchase the TSTV and subscribe for the first time, you will be given a whooping 20GB free of charge. However, from subsequent subscriptions, you will be given 10GB, 5GB, 3GB, 2GB, 1GB and 500MB depending on the plan you paid for.

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If your data expires, you can also purchase 1GB for #300 only. So, 10GB will be #3,000. Please also note that YOU DON’T USE DATA TO WATCH TSTV. The data is given you as a bonus for your subscription. Please take note.

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Benefits of the TSTV

The TSTV comes with many value added services for her customers. These benefits are what is not obtainable with other Paytv around the country. So here are some of the benefits.

  1. Watch All League Games: for the sports lovers, TSTV allows you to watch all league games. It has a total of 12 sports channels.
  2. Hotspot Service: Allows you connect your phone’s wi-fi to the decoder’s hotspot.
  3. Video Conferencing: you can use the TSTV camera to do video calls.
  4. Video Recording: allows you record favorite videos and other shows. It comes with a 50GB storage space for you to record all you want to. This is enabled by its pause-and-play feature.
  5. Pause Function: you can pause your subscription for a maximum of 7 days. This is obtainable with only the monthly sub plan. So, instead of 30 days, you could use the TSTV for a 37days period.
  6. Cheap Subscription: you may wish to compare the TSTV subscription plans with that of GOTV and DSTV. One major benefit of TSTV is that even if you subscribe for the cheapest plans, you will still have access to all the channels. Who else can beat that?

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So, are you still asking What Are Full TSTV Satellite Features? The answers are already spelt out for you. Why not get up and go purchase the TSTV to help break the DSTV monopoly?

Let’s hear from you if you have any question. Thank you.

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