What is the meaning of narration in a bank transfer?

There is usually steps to complete when transferring fund (money) from one account to another, whether on the same bank or different banks. And one of it is providing “narration” of that transaction.

Depending the bank, their terms defers.

The word “narration” in the dictionary means the act or process of narrating (explaining).

Other banks may use the synonyms for “Narration”, such as;

  • Describe or Description
  • Explain
  • Purpose
  • Remark

The narration box

If you observe closely, you would have noticed that the narration box/form is usually below, but before the proceed or confirm button.

Also, for some banks, its not compulsory to fill it. For example GTBank – you can continue with your transfer without filling out the narration/remark part of the form.

Let’s use two different Banks, GTBank and Access Bank, to illustrate further on “meaning of narration in a bank transfer“.

Access Bank “narration” box

access bank narration box

It is compulsory that you MUST “Enter Narration” detail before you could proceed on Access Bank Transfer. Unlike GTBank, you can ignore that part and continue with your transfer process.

GTBank “narration” box

gtbank narration box

You can see that GTBank named it “Remark” and its optional – meaning you you can decide to enter information or you can decide not to.

Like GTBank, other Banks also has their different ways of defining this part of the transfer form.

Meaning of narration in a bank transfer & When to Use it

It simply means that you should explain or tell the reason for the transaction you’re about to process.

For example, if you are sending money to a Gas Station supplier, in the narration (or remark) box you could type in like; “Payment for 5kg gas purchase” or something shorter.

It is just a way of describing what your transfer is for.

Although, on the other hand, you are sending money for payment of product or services or funding your online account, You may have an ID or code which you are instructed to enter in the narration or remark box – doing that lets the receiver know exactly who is sending the money and the purpose of the payment

Because some platform know you by your account ID or specific code to send money to them.


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