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WhatsApp 3D Avatar – How to Create Avatar on Whatsapp

On 7th December 2022, Meta officially announced the rollout of the Avatars feature on WhatsApp to expand the fun of communication with family and friends.

Just like the Facebook Avatar, the Whatsapp avatar becomes a more fun way to share feelings with friends and family.

What is Avatar?

The Facebook and Whatsapp avatar is a digital fun way of personalising your expressions to others. Your avatar becomes a digital version of you, created from billions of combinations of diverse hairstyles, facial features, and outfits to suit your liking or what you want to express.

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How to Create Avatar on WhatsApp

If you already have the WhatsApp app installed, ensure you’re using the latest Whatsapp. Go to your App store to update your Whatsapp personal and Business Whatsapp application.

It’s going to take you Just 4 steps to learn how to create your avatar on Whatsapp.

Step 1- Open WhatsApp and go to Settings

Step 2- Here, you will see a new option- Avatar

Step 3- Tap on Create Your Avatar

Step 4- Follow the steps to create your avatar

Step 5- Tap on Done

How to Locate the Avatar icon on Whatsapp

Once your Whatsapp is up to date, you can locate your Avatar icon alongside (below) the emoji icon.

For example, You see an icon of the emoji smile, GIF, customized, then the next is the avatar icon

whatsapp avatar icon pointer - image

WhatsApp avatar not showing

There are possible reasons your Whatsapp avatar will not be showing;

  • Your Whatsapp may be outdated: The way to get it resolved is by updating your Whatsapp to the recent version. If you’ve tried but to no avail, then you delete Whatsapp and reinstall a fresh version.
  • As of when Whatsapp was rolled out, the Whatsapp avatar may not be available yet in your region. But wait for it, till it gets to your region.
  • You may be using fewer phones/tablet that isn’t supporting the upgraded Whatsapp with the avatar feature.

How to set Whatsapp Avatar Profile Photo

Aside from sharing your expression with family and friends through the 3D avatar, the Whatsapp avatar can also be used on your profile photo using the steps below;

  • After creating your Avatar, go to WhatsApp Settings,
  • Open your profile photo and tap on edit,
  • In the edit section, tap on Use Avatar,
  • Then select the Avatar face you want to keep as your profile photo.


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