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WhatsApp Video Calling App Download / Upgrade Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp is the most popular app messenger use on Mobile phones with nice features as: vice recording, instant messenging, sharing videos, audio sounds, pictures and locations. Over the years, since facebook CEO took over Whatsapp messenger we have been expecting to see whatsapp add other credible features like making whatsapp video calling.  Now new update on whatsapp Video Calling App is available for download and upgrade.

(logo) WhatsApp Video Calling App Download

Good to announce to you guys that just like imo messenger, SKYPE and Facebook video calling – that Video calls are going live in WhatsApp right now. From the look of things, whatsapp video call will knockout so many video calling app.

How to Update or Upgrade Whatsapp Messenger to Video Calling

According to Android Police that You won’t need an app update as long as you’re on one of the recent beta versions (people are reporting success on a few builds). If the person on the other end doesn’t have video calling enabled yet they’ll just get a voice call. You’ll still be able to see the video calling UI, though.

How To Use WhatsApp Video Calling App

  • WhatsApp which includes video calling support, you’re able to tap the call button or tap on a contact card to kick off a video call.
  • In this case, a new dialog box will appear, offering the choice between a standard voice call and a video call.
  • In addition, the call log will show which calls were made via video by annotating them with the camera icon, instead of the telephone icon.

Download Latest Version Whatsapp Messenger Blow:



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